17 febbraio 2012

Ultimi giorni per poter partecipare all'asta di oggetti artistici e manufatti vari organizzata ogni anno dall'emittente londinese Resonance FM nel quadro delle iniziative di autofinanziamento. Dettagli in http://resonancefm.com/news

"This year our annual on-air fund raiser runs from St Valentine's Day (14 February 2012) till the weekend. We've an auction of unique and wondrous items, special live events, celebrity guests, spontaneous competitions and much more. If you love Resonance104.4fm, please support us via a donation, pledge, bequest, gift or purchase from our shop. The alternative for us to take regular on-air advertising is something we'd prefer not to contemplate. But we urgently need funds to continue our work. Do help if you can. Thank you!"