14 marzo 2012

Non è tempo d'esitar, l'edizione è limitata a mille copie! Elton Dean's Ninesense, The 100 Club Concert 1979, per Reel Recordings: Elton Dean con Alan Skidmore, Mark Charig, Harry Beckett, Nick Evans, Radu Malfatti, Keith Tippett, Harry Miller e Louis Moholo - cui si unisce anche Jim Dvorak nel secondo set - il 5 marzo 1979 al 100 Club di Londra.

Reel Recordings releases a stunning two compact disc celebrating the thirty-third anniversary of The 100 Club Concert 1979: an exhilarating jazz concert performance selected from the private tape library of Italian jazz aficionado Riccardo Bergerone. Produced in cooperation with the Estate of Elton Dean, the musicians, and Ogun Records. For the many friends and fans of the late saxophonist and composer Elton Dean, this poignant double compact disc release is the debut presentation of a complete concert performance from Elton’s ensemble of Brit-Jazz firebrands known as Ninesense. Complimenting this release is a twelve page booklet from the pen and archive of Riccardo Bergerone, the young Italian friend of Elton who recorded this extraordinary concert using a Pro Sony TC-D5M cassette recorder at the stage front table. All of the musical magic from these magnificent charts and soloists are potently heard, and on full display! Completing Riccardo's special document of Elton's Ninesense in full concert flight is an inner three panel photo gallery of Ninesense in concert, courtesy of the Jak Kilby Archive. Remastering: doctoring, sonic nursing via outboard Drawmer tube EQ & tube Compressor by Michael King.