12 marzo 2012

Scade tra un paio di settimane il termine entro il quale candidarsi a ottenere uno degli ultimi biglietti rimasti per partecipare alla serata The Wire Salon-An Audience With Robert Wyatt del prossimo 12 aprile al Cafe Oto londinese. Serve superare l'esame dello staff della rivista The Wire con un'interpretazione - non necessariamente musicale - di una canzone di Wyatt. Informazioni in dettaglio in http://www.thewire.co.uk/articles/8525

Robert Wyatt is appearing at The Wire Salon on 12 April. Tickets sold out in just a few days, so we're running a competition for three people to win pairs of tickets. Rather than create a Googleable trivia question, we're asking readers to send in artistic interpretations of a Robert Wyatt song. Any media is accepted: painting, illustrations, video, audio, interpretative dance, or sculpture (the latter suggested by Edwin Pouncey). Entries will be judged and selected by the staff of The Wire, and winners will be notified by email or phone. Closing date for entries is midnight GMT on 25 March, and winners will be notified by 5 April. NB: The Wire will not pass on contact details to any third party, and we cannot return any work sent in, but we may show your artwork to Robert Wyatt come April.