18 aprile 2012

ReR annuncia l'apertura a breve di un sito web aggiuntivo e complementare a quello esistente, tramite cui consultare e ascoltare l'intero catalogo dell'etichetta, inclusi gli antichi album in vinile mai ripubblicati in cd e altri materiali nuovi o inediti via via disponibili soltanto in download. Molte le novità in distribuzione e in sottoscrizione nell'aggiornamento di aprile 2012: tra queste Peter Cusack, Sounds from Dangerous Places; Biota, Cape Flyaway; Chris Cutler & Steve MacLean, The Year of the Dragon e uno speciale cofanetto multimediale per il sessantesimo compleanno di Jon Rose, Rosin.

We are launching a new site where you can listen to, and download, the entire ReR catalogue - both individual tracks and complete CDs - in two formats: the usual reduced quality mp3s and as lossless FLAC files, along with all the accompanying artwork. Later in the year the download site will also include tracks from all the old ReR vinyl releases, as well as new and unreleased recordings that will be available as downloads only. But to be clear, ReR remains committed to releasing CDs and sets in object form for as long as people want them; it’s our preferred medium by a million miles. We are hoping to launch the new site before the summer, so any suggestions and comments will be much appreciated. Thanks.


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