03 aprile 2012

La scomparsa pochi giorni fa del pianista di Sheffield Pete Saberton - di cui si svolgono oggi i funerali - è ricordata ai siti della Royal Academy of Music, di Birmingham Jazz e di LondonJazz, dove tra note e commenti fa giungere il suo saluto anche Mike Westbrook: "Pete Saberton will be mourned by all his fellow musicians. I'd like to add my own tribute to an exceptionally fine, creative and sympathetic musician. Kate and I had the pleasure of working with him in my Orchestra in the early '90s. I owe him a great deal for his playing , during that period of big musical challenges that included our festival in Catania and the recording of the Orchestra of Smith's Academy album at Crawley. I shall always be profoundly grateful for Pete's contribution, notably his masterly handling of the demanding piano part in Measure for Measure and his exquisite and moving introduction to So We'll Go No More A' Roving. Rest in Peace."
Un'intervista a Saberton realizzata da Alex Hutton si recupera tramite SendSpace.