27 aprile 2012


John Fordham traccia un ritratto di Tony Marsh per il quotidiano britannico The Guardian, mentre dalle pagine dello Smith's Academy Informer Mike Westbrook ne ricorda l'amicizia e la vicinanza negli anni della Brass Band e dell'Orchestra, proponendo un filmato di On Duke's Birthday - l'estratto è dal concerto di debutto ad Amiens, il 12 maggio 1984 - dove oltre al batterista è in evidenza anche il trombonista Danilo Terenzi, morto nel 1995. "In 1982 Tony joined the Brass Band and on our many travels across Europe, through France, Italy and elsewhere, Danilo was often with us.This group was the nucleus of the band that premiered On Duke’s Birthday at Amiens in May 1984. Words can’t express the depth of such friendships and musical relationships, but the music says it all. Thankfully, the artistry and love in that remarkable band is captured on the live recording of the very first performance. A case of what Duke describes as ‘Doing the right thing, with the right people, in the right place at the right time’. Tony was at the heart of so much of our work. His contribution to London Bridge was immense. Whether in an orchestral setting, or in an improvising group like Full Monte, to say nothing of his innumerable collaborations on the London scene, Tony always had his own angle, a fresh and original approach. His honesty and commitment were total. Playing with him was a joy. We miss him."
Westbrook ricorda anche un altro musicista scomparso di recente, il pianista Pete Saberton, impegnato con l'Orchestra nelle registrazioni di The Orchestra of Smith’s Academy e in molti concerti degli anni novanta.