02 aprile 2012

Radiotre Suite Jazz presenta domani sera il progetto di Elliott Sharp dedicato a Willie Dixon, Electric Willie, in un concerto tenuto al festival di Saalfelden (Austria) l'agosto scorso. Con Sharp c'erano Eric Mingus, Tracie Morris, Melvin Gibbs, Don McKenzie e per l'occasione anche Henry Kaiser. Del concerto esiste una ripresa video pubblicata pressoché integralmente su YouTube. Il programma offre inoltre una registrazione del Wayne Horvitz New Quartet - Horvitz, Briggan Krauss, Tony Malaby e Ches Smith - effettuata al club newyorkese Poisson Rouge lo scorso settembre.
Radiotre Suite Jazz, martedì 3 aprile 2012, ore 20.30.

Elliott Sharp’s Terraplane has dedicated this project entirely to the blues of Willie Dixon. But it’s more than an homage: Sharp and his musicians incessantly transcend the boundaries of the genre with jazz-influenced improvisations. Terraplane shows how you can play with standard formulas, deconstruct them, and charge them with a finesse and refinement that lends new vitality to a seemingly historic (and hence perpetually valid) form. It’s a kind of latter day industrial blues, urban, of course, and full of unexpected breaks. If you think everything has already been said in this genre, enjoy the chance to be proven wrong.