06 aprile 2012

Tutto incentrato su Hugh Hopper il nuovo episodio di Canterbury Soundwaves, il diciottesimo. Così lo presenta il curatore, Matthew Watkins: "This time it's a three-hour tribute to bass legend Hugh Hopper (1945-2009), from teenage home recordings via the Daevid Allen Trio and Wilde Flowers to Soft Machine, Isotope, Gilgamesh, Soft Heap, Soft Head and beyond. Featuring Hopper classics and obscurities, as well as something from one of his favourite albums, covers of his compositions (even a hiphop beat!), numerous collaborations, an exploration of his involvement in the genesis of tape looping in the early 60's, interview clips, a rare chance to hear Hugh singing (!) and the current sounds being made with his famous Fender Jazz bass (still resident in the Canterbury area)".