13 maggio 2012

Eddie Prévost inaugura una sua personale serie gurdjieffiana di incontri con uomini straordinari - in questo caso, sassofonisti - documentando integralmente un concerto con Evan Parker e John Edwards il maggio dell'anno scorso a Londra, al Network Theatre: All Told. "For me, the sheer joy of touch and movement is a significant part of making music. It is physically stimulating. This is what I feel is at the heart of this CD. And, I hope a sense of this energy and tactility is translated to audiences who get to hear this (albeit disembodied) performance via the medium of recording. What you will hear is the complete performance - all told - but from the microphonic point of view. It has all the attributes of a spontaneous performance. There were no pre-conceived plans but there is an attendant tension. Within the music there may indeed have been tentative suggestions and protean moments of uncertainty. These, for me, give the occasion a creative authenticity. Anything too tidy suggests contrivance or the avoidance of risk. The too cleanly ready-worked-out takes us down the road towards commodity. The (near) perfect object perhaps attempts to requite the aural appetite. I want life and am happy with some of its accompanying messiness".