16 maggio 2012

The Monochrome Set in un concerto di poche sere fa per l'emittente londinese Resonance FM: http://podcasts.resonancefm.com/archives/9255

We are thrilled to herald the return to Hello GoodBye of the late 70s, original post-punk pacesetters, the band that inspired indie-pop legends The Smiths & Franz Ferdinand (to name but two); The Monochrome Set. The collective and creative efforts of founding members Bid, Leicester Square and Andy Warren can be heard bursting effortlessly – and effervescently – forth from the new LP – their first in 17 years – entitled Platinum Coils (Disque Bleu). The dozen songs that comprise the new album each hit the giddy and wry euphoric pop heights of the groups very best work. As 21st century Great Britain switches from analogue to digital, it is inspiring to discover that there is still something very magical broadcasting from this particular Monochrome Set.