12 maggio 2012

Terry Day ripreso al festival londinese Freedom of the City domenica scorsa, poco prima del concerto con la London Improvisers Orchestra. Un appunto scritto anticipava la scaletta della sua esibizione in solo: "I will definitely play the bamboo reed flutes first. Followed by (depending on the length of the set & my mood) atomic balloons, recorders, & if there is a piano or drum set close by I might well go & perform "some tricks" - as in "Terry Day & his bag of tricks" - on them! & I might, or might not, finish with a "recitation performance" of a lyric, poem, reading to finish the set (the recitation depends on whether I'm doing a spoken piece with the L.I.O.) (As you see, even after 52 years of improvising with groups, 1960-2012, I still seem to be considered outside the mainstream & its genres!)".