17 giugno 2012

Chi assieme alla propria copia di The Year of the Dragon, eccellente lavoro di Steve MacLean e Chris Cutler appena pubblicato da ReR Megacorp, ha ricevuto la forma base per realizzare il drago di carta con la tecnica dell'origami può aver bisogno di un po' di assistenza: nel caso, trova le istruzioni su YouTube.

A collection of 5 songs and 4 instrumental pieces that explore equally - and simultaneously - spontaneous performance values, close compositional detail and extensive processing. Made out on the rocky coast of Maine with just a TV eye keeping tabs on a world skidding to hell in a handcart, all the basic work was done by MacLean and Cutler with Julie Thompson (voice) added later - alongside additional parts played by Frank Gross (bassoon), Michael Bierylo (laptop, samples, circuits) and Titus Abbot (bass clarinet and saxophone). These are complex, focused pieces, some highly rhythm-rooted - mostly at rapid bpm rates - generally wide open with a close receptivity to timbral nuance and non-linearity.