22 giugno 2012

Continuo rievoca le vicende dei britannici The Lo Yo Yo, collettivo mutante attivo a metà degli anni ottanta in contiguità ed alternanza alle esperienze Family Fodder, Officer!, This Heat e The Work, proponendo l'ascolto dell'unico album realizzato interamente a proprio nome, Extra Weapons. A quelle registrazioni, effettuate a Brixton nell'inverno del 1985, presero parte Alig (uno degli alias di John Pearce, in seguito noto anche come Frank Sumatra o Johnny Human), Annie Hunt, Carrie Brooks, Joey Stack e Mick Hobbs, aiutati da Steve Wright, Leo Kelly, Bob Vanderbob, Rick Wilson e da Charles Bullen per la produzione.

British band The Lo Yo Yo was founded by Family Fodder frontman John Pearce, aka Alig, in 1984. The Lo Yo Yo was active for 2 years and released one cassette, one split cassette with Look De Book, one full-length LP and appeared on the Local International 15-26 compilation cassette on Recommended. The band’s name comes from a Captain Beefheart song titled Low Yo Yo Stuff on the 1972 Clear Spot LP. In an interview with Ed Pinsent, John Pearce simplistically described The Lo Yo Yo as “a sort of cooperative group with two girls and two guys, [...] touring around Europe a lot until about 1986.” (The Sound Projector issue #1, 1996). The Lo Yo Yo’s line-up was actually more varied and included, along 10 or so other musicians, various Family Fodder members like Mick Hobbs, Felix Fiedorowicz and Rick Wilson. All three also played in The Work and Officer!, sometimes with Pearce himself. Charles Bullen of This Heat occasionally played drums with Family Fodder and co-produced The Lo Yo Yo’s unique LP, Extra Weapons, in 1985.