11 luglio 2012

David Toop ricorda Lol Coxhill: "After a certain age you become accustomed to the passing of legends, the chiming of a clock that fades into inaudibility, yet I felt bereft and tearful, not only because I counted Lol as a strange sort of friend and had played with him on and off since 1971, but because he was a person whose way of living, presence, being, conversation, wit and music enriched and challenged your own existence."


Mike Westbrook scrive: "One of the great individualists in jazz and a much loved figure, Lol will be greatly missed by his fans, friends and colleagues. He is remembered here with great affection, respect and gratitude as a founder member of the Brass Band in the 1970s. Lol had a long, hugely varied career. The scene will be poorer without his unique presence and distinctive soprano saxophone, which took him literally from Hungerford Bridge to the concert halls and jazz festivals of the world. Rest in Peace."


E così Ben Watson: "Our greatest, most inventive, most persuasive and most discursive saxophone player: not simply a musician, but a dyed-in-the-wool subversive of the spectacle capitalism makes of music. Lol was there at the origins of practically every worthwhile style of Anglo pop - Ska, Bop, Hippie, Improv, Punk, Noise - but peeled off as soon as the movement came to be about fame and money rather than playing. He was our Ornette Coleman, and everyone who saw him loved him".