07 luglio 2012

Da una delle sue realizzazioni sceniche più sconcertanti degli anni recenti - nessun attore in scena, nessun musicista ad eseguire le partiture - viene il nuovo album di Heiner Goebbels, pubblicato su etichetta Ecm: Stifters Dinge. "Stifter’s Things is a composition for five pianos with no pianists, a play with no actors, a performance without performers - one might say a no-man show. First and foremost, it is an invitation to audiences to enter a fascinating space full of sounds and images, an invitation to see and hear. It revolves around awareness of things, things that in the theatre are often part of the set or act as props and play a merely illustrative role. Here they become protagonists: light, pictures, murmurs, sounds, voices, wind and mist, water and ice".