15 luglio 2012

Esce a giorni Wing Beat Fantastic, l'atteso album di Mike Keneally che documenta gli esiti della collaborazione compositiva con Andy Partridge iniziata nel 2006 e la cui realizzazione ha visto fasi alterne fino a oggi: un'anteprima è in http://www.keneally.com/promo/little_wing_beat.html

This magical new album from composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Mike Keneally is the highly anticipated result of a songwriting union between the famed rock experimentalist and legendary XTC tunesmith Andy Partridge. Their collaboration produced eight new songs, combining Partridge's innate sense of angular pop melody and beautifully intelligent poeticism with Keneally's experimental bent and surrealist tendencies. For Partridge fanatics, the album will be a trove of rare new material from a songwriter who's released precious little new work over the past decade. For Keneally enthusiasts, Wing Beat Fantastic represents his most melodic and pop-oriented release ever, while still maintaining the rich, detail-studded arrangements, love of sonic adventurism and superb musicianship for which he is renowned. More than any other Keneally album, Wing Beat Fantastic has an emotional resonance that engages the heart as adeptly as it does the mind.