14 luglio 2012

Festa di compleanno per Eddie Prévost questa sera a Londra al Cafe Oto: intervengono John Tilbury, John White, Sebastian Lexer, John Butcher, Harrison Smith, Michael Parsons e Seymour Wright tra gli altri. Auguri!

A celebration for the 70th Birthday of Eddie Prévost, a percussionist of immense fire, grace and invention and one of the most important figures in British improvised music. Prévost was one of the founders of the essential AMM and has collaborated with the greatest improvisers internationally. He has kept a continuous contact with the scene since the 60's and always manages to invent anew his contribution to "meta-music".
This special birthday concert will include the following performances as well as further contributions and appreciations from John Tilbury, Victor Schonfeld, Evan Parker, the Eddie Prevost Workshop and more amongst the special home-made cakes and party food... AMM: Eddie Prévost (perc) & John Tilbury (piano); Michael Parsons (piano): a special composition for the occasion; John White (various) and Sebastian Lexer (piano +); Harrison Smith (saxes), Gerry Gold (trumpet) and Ute Kanngeiser (cello); Seymour Wright (alto sax) and John Butcher (soprano/ tenor sax).