23 luglio 2012

Torna disponibile su Incus Records l'album di Derek Bailey New Sights, Old Sounds, pubblicato in Giappone da Aquirax Aida per la sua etichetta Morgue nel 1978, e divenuto subito introvabile nel formato originale di doppio LP, uno in studio e uno dal vivo. La Incus ne produsse una versione in cd nel 2002, andata anch'essa ben presto esaurita. Scrisse all'epoca della ristampa John Eyles: "One cd is studio recorded, the other live. They provide an interesting contrast, one that goes beyond his using acoustic guitar in the studio and electric guitar live. In the studio, Bailey is introspective and exploratory. With no other player to react to, he sounds exposed. His avoidance of the expected, of clichés, of well-worn paths (call it what you will) seems more tangible than ever. Sometimes, his deliberation is almost painful to hear. Live, although his methodology is not radically different from in the studio, Bailey sounds more assured and fluent, less introspective. He has the audience to react to, but is not just playing to the audience, he is playing to the gallery. On this early trip to Japan, he seems keen to make a lasting impression. The live set uses amplification and feedback to good effect, with periods where the sound is just in control, teetering on the edge of chaos."