13 agosto 2012

Due libri zappiani molto ben scritti e ricchi di informazioni di prima mano: Freak Out! My Life with Frank Zappa, di Pauline Butcher (Plexus, 2011), un vivace racconto degli anni dal 1967 al 1972 spesi al fianco di Zappa in qualità di sua segretaria particolare, e Zappa The Hard Way, di Andrew Greenaway (Wymer, 2010), un composito e dettagliato resoconto del drammatico tour del 1988 Broadway The Hard Way, con le testimonianze dirette di molti protagonisti. Del libro di Butcher dice Greenaway: "Contains lots of inside information about the true state of the grubby log cabin. Pauline's time with the Zappas was very eventful, with an assassination attempt, constant work-related squabbles with Gail (who she says 'has three speeds: slow, very slow, and stop'), and general in-house strife. But she also had many good times, getting to see moments of pure brilliance as well as witness some of Frank's more fanciful projects (the GTOs, Wild Man Fischer, etc.). This is an honest, accurate - and very well written - account of her thoughts and feelings at the time, based as it is on her diaries and letters home. Entertaining and occasionally laugh-out loud funny, too".