05 agosto 2012

Le note di Off Abbey Road, rilettura del celebre album dei Beatles concepita da Mike Westbrook nel 1988, concludono stasera a Londra le attività del variegato festival Exhibiton Road Show, che per nove giorni ha animato un'intera area di Kensington e Chelsea con giochi, esposizioni, concerti, sfilate e spettacoli di strada di ogni tipo.

The Beatles' Abbey Road album is the basis of Mike Westbrook's Off Abbey Road project, a re-creation by contemporary musicians of one of the master works of pop music. Premiered in Reggio Emilia, Italy in December 1988 as part of a festival celebrating The Beatles, Off Abbey Road was an instant success with audiences and critics. From 1989-91 the Westbrook Band toured Off Abbey Road throughout France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland, appearing in many of the major European jazz festivals. A particular highlight was the 1990 Montreal Festival where the Band played an open-air concert to an audience of 30,000. Off Abbey Road made its UK debut with two performances at the Electric Cinema in Portobello Road, London, which were filmed for German TV, Recorded 'live' at the 1989 Willisau Jazz Festival, the Off Abbey Road album was released in 1990 on ENJA Record's new TipToe label. In 1995 Off Abbey Road was revived for a Beatles Festival in Trento, Italy. During '96 there were performances in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, France and the UK. The Mike Westbrook Band, specially formed for Off Abbey Road, brings together some of the outstanding jazz performers associated with Westbrook's music in recent years. The current re-surfacing of Mike Westbrook's Off Abbey Road coincides with the 40th anniversary of the release of the Beatles' Abbey Road album.