19 agosto 2012

L'importanza storica ne supera senz'altro la qualità sonora, pur accettabile: Live at The Roundhouse 1971, un inedito ora disponibile per Voiceprint / Gonzo Multimedia, documenta il ritorno di Daevid Allen e Gilli Smyth sulla scena britannica dopo gli anni della deportazione successivi al 1967. L'occasione, è noto, fu un evento musicale del 7 febbraio 1971 organizzato in favore dell'associazione Release con il contributo a vario titolo di Soft Machine, Ralph McTell, Kevin Ayers and The Whole World, Ivor Cutler, Symbiosis, Elton Dean Quartet e Mark Boyle. "Intriguing, historic, reasonable middle-fi (audience?) recording of Daevid and Gilli's return to performance in the UK four years after Daevid was refused entry to the country in 1967. An event which led to him leaving Soft Machine. In the circular nature of things their return was at London's legendary Roundhouse supporting (and being partly supported by) Soft Machine. Daevid and Gilli dip into their spoken word/soundscape recent (back then) 'back catalogue', but at the same time also point to the horizon where the light of the rising Planet Gong is starting to lighten the sky by giving a UK premier to several works destined to become much more well known. Later in '71 Daevid and Gilli would return with Gong, firstly in the Summer for Glastonbury Fayre, and then in the Autumn for the first UK Gong tour, but here on this echoey, highly atmospheric recording a Gong vibe reverberates in Albion's consciousness for the first time."