21 agosto 2012

Nel variegato programma di iniziative concomitanti - dal 15 al 26 agosto oltre un centinaio di eventi in vari luoghi del mondo, uniti sotto lo slogan 'Flags Across Borders' - che danno vita quest'anno al secondo festival Fukushima!, retto con tenacia contro ogni immaginabile difficoltà dagli sforzi e dalla determinazione di Otomo Yoshihide, Michiro Endo e Ryoichi Wago, entrano anche i concerti in calendario da domani a venerdì 24 organizzati al Cafe Oto londinese con l'apporto di Resonance FM: intervengono tra gli altri David Toop, Steve Noble, Seymour Wright, Xentos "Fray" Bentos, Sean O'Hagan, Bing Selfish e Sabu Toyozumi.

Nel manifesto del programma si legge: "In 2012, this year's "Festival Fukushima!" aims to hold more than 100 synchronized events to be conducted in various places not only in Fukushima Prefecture but also in Japan and abroad during a 12-day-period from August 15 to 26. Although it is called "festival", any types of events are welcomed, for example, music events such as a small session held by a few people or a large-scale music festival with performances of many bands, various art events such as art exhibits, plays, movies, dance or other kinds of performances and other events including dialogues, talk sessions, symposiums or school-style workshops. This year's theme is "Flag" and the title is "Flags Across Borders". We think many people have confronted over Fukushima and hoisted their own "flags". However, what will happen if we make all those flags flap at the same time? We imagine that numerous flags could transcend differences in stances, borders and national boundaries and eventually connect us. "The future is in our hands" - this is our belief that has not changed since last year. We hope this idea spreads even further as you integrate your own thought into it."

E a proposito delle preoccupazioni e delle riserve circa la radioattività dell'area di Fukushima scelta per ospitare alcuni eventi, in particolare il Villaggio delle Quattro Stagioni, così scrivono gli organizzatori: "The radiation level of an outdoor area around Fukushima Station is approximately 0.5~1 μSv/h. It is several times to a little more than 10 times as high as that before the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. At the Village of Four Seasons, it is approximately, 0.2~0.6 μSv/h. They are never in a natural state. And it is true that there are pros and cons regarding a plan to gather many people in such places. We will not use a word "safe". We think it is a fact that there are people who do not want to come here in such a state. We will never deny such opinion. We think if people fear something, they feel fearful whatever they are told by others and it is only natural for them to try to decrease risks. We don't think the most important issue is whether to come to Fukushima or not, because we wish a circle of people will expand beyond the physical place of Fukushima. However, if you think of Fukushima, there is one thing we want you to remember : there are many people actually living there. And those people try to confront the reality after fully understanding such reality they are placed in. while they are leading their daily life. Whatever opinion you might have regarding the radiation issue, coming to Fukushima means to come to meet such people."