20 agosto 2012

Pyongyang Express, titolo di fresca stampa su etichetta FMR, racconta in forma di diario di viaggio l'avventura nord-coreana compiuta nell'aprile 2009 dal trio sassofonistico Airkraft, formato da Pete WhymanFrank Van Der Kooij e Chris Caldwell. Ci sono soprattutto composizioni di Van Der Kooij, c'è un po' di colore locale, e c'è molto anche del compianto Hugh Hopper, amico dei tre e loro collaboratore in diverse occasioni. Osserva Bruce Lee Gallanter, di Downtown Music Gallery: "Hugh Hopper, who passed away in June of 2009, casts a shadow over this session. Hopper collaborated with Whyman and Caldwell in the Delta Sax Quartet who cover the music by Hugh's former band Soft Machine and Hopper also co-lead a band (NDIO) with the third member of this trio, Mr. Van Der Kooij. There is a song called Hugh dedicated to him on this disc as well as a sample of Hugh's loops, plus the cd closes with Hopper's Virtually from Soft Machine Third. Most of the music here has poignant, somber and even melodic sound with little or no free or rambunctious playing. It all flows together superbly from one section to the next, not unlike the way all Soft Machine sets always flowed non-stop".