15 settembre 2012

Tra quanti han fatto sentire la loro voce sulla questione Pussy Riot c'è anche R. Stevie Moore - anzi, Robert Steven Moscow USSA - con un album e un brano omonimo disponibili via Bandcamp: Free Pussy Riot.

R. Stevie Moore has joined the growing chorus of artists the world over who are showing their support of incarcerated Russion punk collective Pussy Riot. Moore has a song called, fittingly, "Free Pussy Riot," and you can stream it below or purchase it for $2 via Bandcamp. According to the credits listed on Bandcamp, the guitar part was written by Chloe Coffman, with Moore filling in the rest. It's a skronking, suitably sloppy anthem of empowerment. So, in the words of RSM himself, go ahead and enjoy "Another Mature Theme from Robert Steven Moscow USSA."