27 settembre 2012

Tutto esaurito martedì scorso al londinese Cafe Oto per una serata dedicata a John Cage, con la partecipazione di Stewart Lee, Tania Chen e Steve Beresford per l'esecuzione di Indeterminacy e di Alan Tomlinson per Solo for Sliding Trombone. Una recensione si legge in http://www.theartsdesk.com/classical-music/stewart-lee-presents-john-cages-indeterminacy-cafe-oto

‘Indeterminacy’ was a 1959 double LP on the Folkways label by John Cage and David Tudor. Cage read ninety of his stories, each one, whether long or short, lasting one minute. Unheard by Cage, Tudor simultaneously played the piano and other things in another room. One day, pianists Tania Chen and Steve Beresford were listening to this record and decided that they would like to do their own version. They hit on Stewart Lee immediately as the first choice to read the stories. He is an excellent stand-up comedian and is very interested in experimental music. The trio’s version is usually forty minutes. The players are in the same room but do their best to not hear Stewart’s reading. They play music on and in a piano and use other small sound sources.