12 settembre 2012

Una retrospettiva dedicata ai Negativland e al loro approccio all'appropriazione creativa anche in campo visivo e multimediale è in corso in questi giorni a Los Angeles, presso la galleria La Luz de Jesus fino al 20 settembre: Our Favorite Things. Un video girato il giorno dell'inaugurazione, lo scorso 7 settembre, è in http://tinyurl.com/negativland

Since 1980 the creative collective known as Negativland have been collaboratively creating collage works in fine art, music, CDs, video, radio, and live performance using appropriated sounds, objects, images, and text. They have been sued twice for copyright infringement, fought back, and their work is now referenced and taught in many college courses in the US and has been written about in over 150 books (including "No Logo" by Naomi Klein). Since those two lawsuits, Negativland have been aggressively and publicly involved in advocating significant reforms of our nations copyright laws, with recent visits to Capitol Hill to speak to the staff of various Senators and Congressmen. Our Favorite Things is Negativland's first retrospective exhibit in Los Angeles, and is a comprehensive survey of both current and older visual art works that have also been exhibited in New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, London, Houston, and Art Basel. The members of Negativland live and work in California, Washington, North Carolina, and Massachusetts, so this opening reception with a live performance is a true rarity not to be missed!