31 ottobre 2012

Quale colonna sonora per la notte di Halloween 2012? Univers Zero, Alec K. Redfearn & the Eyesores e Beat Circus, suggeriscono da Cuneiform Records: www.cuneiformrecords.com/emails/HappyHalloween2012.html

30 ottobre 2012

Nuovo appuntamento domani sera al Cafe Oto londinese per ricordare l'indimenticabile Lol Coxhill: "British saxophonist Lol Coxhill died in London on 10 July aged 79 having been seriously ill for around six months. Easily one of the most distinctive voices on the soprano and a much-loved member of the UK's improvisation scene, Lol had also played with everyone from The Damned to Jimi Hendrix. On this evening we remember Lol with a series of performances, verse recitals, photographs and video with many of Lol's friends and colleagues stretching from the LIO to members of the London R&B scene of the 60s."


29 ottobre 2012

Un inedito di Chris McGregor per la britannica Fledg’ling: Sea Breezes: Solo Piano - Live in Durban 1987.

A long overdue CD release of this remarkable solo performance from 1987 by Chris McGregor. Sea Breezes was recorded during an emotional visit to his homeland by the great South African composer and pianist. McGregor played “an energetic mixture of Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Sun Ra, but always retained a unique feel due to his South African influences and the intelligent arrangements.”
Over the last four years Fledg’ling has been collaborating with the Chris McGregor estate to reissue his most important albums and, through a series of unreleased recordings, help to reveal the full extent of his musical activities: from the small-scale Trio improvisations through to the majestic large ensemble works of the mighty Brotherhood of Breath. Carefully mastered from the original master tapes, Sea Breezes is an exciting opportunity to hear McGregor’s solo readings of repertoire familiar from the acclaimed final Brotherhood of Breath album, Country Cooking.


28 ottobre 2012

Al canale YouTube di photocronista un assaggio dal concerto di Yugen a Trento lo scorso 23 ottobre: Serial(ist) Killer.


27 ottobre 2012

Tim Owen era al Cafe Oto londinese qualche sera fa per i concerti di Korekyojinn e Ruins Songs - il batterista Tatsuya Yoshida ha finalmente deciso di ritentare il formato drum'n'bass per la sua creatura più nobile - ma più di tutto è rimasto colpito dal solo di Charles Hayward tra i due set. Ne scrive al suo blog Dalston Sound: "Forsaking the drums, Charles Hayward performed a set structured around his idiosyncratic take on song-form and the spoken word. He accompanied himself by turns on the Oto grand, a melodica and a cheap Yamaha keyboard, with only brief, meditational interludes of hand-held percussion – rubbing two glass bottles together to create a brittle, vortical drone, for instance, or sounding with mallets an array of Chinese bowls. At one point, Hayward threw his hands up and exclaimed “I don’t know what I’m doing here”: a nice ice-breaker but not the self-deprecatory admission the audience initially assumed. “What are any of us doing here” he continued, “standing on this one lonely atom in space?” Fortunately, everyone was having too good a time to ponder that question too closely. Though they sound very different, when singing his affectingly naked, confessional songs at the piano, Hayward convinced that he has the humanity and fiercely concentrated idiosyncrasy to become a great British eccentric singer-songwriter in the Robert Wyatt mould."


26 ottobre 2012

Keith Tippett è ospite dei Soft Machine Legacy - John Etheridge, Theo Travis, Roy Babbington e John Marshall - in occasione del loro concerto di stasera al festival jazz di Francoforte. Il festival è trasmesso pressoché integralmente in streaming in http://liveweb.arte.tv e www.jazzfestival.hr2-kultur.de.

En se penchant rétrospectivement sur le groupe de Canterbury Soft Machine – pionnier du courant progressif et psychédélique, précurseur du Jazz rock et de la fusion – on y décèle la vision d’un organisme musical de chair aux multiples ramifications électroniques, capable d’abolir les différences entre nature et technique. Ses improvisations instrumentales complexes se dévoilent comme autant de pulsations savamment planifiées dans un grand tout. Avec un intitulé programmatique, Soft Machine Legacy associe les triomphes d’antan aux exigences du présent avec son special guest Keith Tippett. Le jazz rock des années 1960 et 1970 a droit à une mise à jour. Les compositions labyrinthiques maintiennent un cap plus résolu et plus frais, tout en préservant leur son hypnotique. La preuve est fournie par cinq arpenteurs du temps: la légende vit, la machine marche, elle marche, elle marche...


25 ottobre 2012

Seconda edizione del festival Ercé on Earth, organizzato - scommettendo forte sul bel tempo - in un parco naturale alle porte di Ercé (Francia) dall'associazione Jazz'n'Jam. Cartellone niente male con Gong, Ange, Soft Machine Legacy, Magma e molti altri gruppi a ruota da oggi a domenica 28 ottobre. Informazioni: http://www.jazznjam.fr

Au coeur du Parc Naturel Pyrénéen, le Ercé on Earth Festival est la deuxième édition du festival de Jazz de Ercé organisé par l’association Jazz’n'Jam à Ercé en Ariège. Cette année, une ambiance très 70′s avec un programmation décoiffante: Gong, Ange, Soft Machine Legacy et Magma réunis sur un même festival! Ainsi que pleins d’autres très bon groupes de Jazz de la région et d’ailleurs. Les concerts se dérouleront sous chapiteaux, à la sortie du village d’Ercé du 25 au 28 octobre 2012.

24 ottobre 2012

All’improvviso, un festival! E' in corso a Roma in questi giorni la rassegna di musiche d'improvvisazione e d'avanguardia Festival d'Ottobre, con eventi e appuntamenti autogestiti presso il Forte Fanfulla, il negozio Blutopia e lo spazio indipendente Angelo Mai: "Per volontà dei musicisti organizzatori, con la collaborazione degli spazi coinvolti e in totale assenza di budget, siamo pronti a offrirvi cinque concerti di musica improvvisata con musicisti provenienti da Stati Uniti, Francia, Germania, Inghilterra, Svizzera e Italia. Al Forte Fanfulla, il 22 e il 23 ottobre, due serate con formazioni ad hoc e gruppi consolidati. Sono presenti improvvisatori storici come Jack Wright, Michel Doneda, Mike Cooper e Roberto Bellatalla, esponenti della scena romana come Gianfranco Tedeschi, Luca Venitucci, Luca Tilli, Cristiano De Fabritiis, Errico De Fabritiis, Fabrizio Spera e giovani musicisti europei di particolare valore come Michael Thieke e Jonas Kocher. Mercoledì 24 è la volta del grande compositore americano Alvin Curran alla guida dell’Ottobre Orchestra, ampia formazione sperimentale romana, aperta alla partecipazione di musicisti diversi per provenienza, estrazione ed esperienza. Sabato 27 presso Blutopia, Francesco Martinelli, uno dei maggiori critici italiani di jazz e musica improvvisata, presenta la nuova edizione del libro di Derek Bailey “L’improvvisazione”, un’occasione unica per uno sguardo ravvicinato su uno testi storici riguardanti la natura e la pratica dell’improvvisazione. L’incontro sarà integrato da ascolti, proiezioni e interventi di due esperti improvvisatori come Eugenio Sanna e Sebi Tramontana".


23 ottobre 2012

Festeggia dieci anni di vita il festival Sonata Islands, cambia pelle (e nome) e invita a Trento Yugen per il debutto in formazione da camera: Francesco Zago, chitarra elettrica; Matteo Lorito, contrabbasso; Paolo Botta, tastiere; Maurizio Fasoli, pianoforte; Elia Mariani, violino; Valerio Cipollone, clarinetti e Jacopo Costa, vibrafono e marimba. Questa sera alle 20.30, allo Studentato Universitario San Bartolameo.


21 ottobre 2012

Mike Westbrook ricorda i giorni della Brass Band con Lol Coxhill: Lol Remembered. Il testo è nel numero di ottobre 2012 dello Smith's Academy Informer.

Lol Remembered
One summer’s day, in the early 70s, in Bath, Phil Minton (trumpet) and I (valve trombone) ran into Lol Coxhill (soprano saxophone) on the Pulteney Road. The Brass Band was born, though it only acquired a name much later. The three of us began to get invitations to play for fringe theatre companies: The Bath Arts Workshop (who ran the Alternative Bath Festival), The John Bull Puncture Repair Kit, The Welfare State and others. These groups employed us, and costumed us, as they thought fit. We might be kitted out as Detectives, or Sailor Boys, depending on the show. The change from the heavily equipped and amplified jazz/rock of Solid Gold Cadillac to acoustic street music came as a relief. The concept of a mobile group, playing whatever any of the musicians wanted to play, and performing anywhere that anybody asked them to play, was as simple as it was profound. Paul Rutherford soon joined on trombone, a refugee from the confines of the jazz world. Kate, fresh from the Performance Art melting pot of Leeds, took up tenor horn and the group’s classic five piece line-up was complete.
In the early days gigs were ramshackle affairs. There were no scripts and hardly any arrangements. Lol had a line in excruciatingly unfunny jokes delivered deadpan. Another of his great attributes, which he was later to exploit with Tony Coe and Steve Beresford in the Melody Four, and that might surprise those who only knew him in an improvised music context, was that he knew hundreds of tunes, which he could play in any key, including many obscure ones. He was the only other person I ever met who remembered Brigitte Bardot, Bardot. In fact it always seemed to me that his ‘free’ improvisations were always full of tunes, melodic fragments and references.
At first the band had no plan. It simply responded to whatever was going on around it. It couldn’t go on like it forever, but that phase was great while it lasted. When, inevitably, the band started to get a bit tighter and more organized Lol, who never really wanted to belong to any club that wasn’t his own, dropped out. Dave Chambers came in on soprano. By then Lol had bequeathed us a gem from his seemingly inexhaustible repertoire, a calypso he’d got from an old 78. We played it ever afterwards, hundreds of times, on piers, park bandstands, in schools, factories, hospitals, on demos and on the backs of lorries. For Hot Jamboree, and so much besides, thank you, Lol!

Mike Westbrook
(Smith's Academy Informer no. 93, October 2012)

20 ottobre 2012

Nella puntata di stanotte Battiti ricorda Peter Kowald a dieci anni dalla scomparsa: "Viaggiatore instancabile, improvvisatore appassionato, maieuta quasi suo malgrado, Peter Kowald è forse il musicista europeo legato all'improvvisazione radicale che meglio di altri ha saputo costruire un ponte tra le radici afroamericane dei suoi pari negli Stati Uniti e del jazz che lo aveva affascinato fin da giovane e gli aspetti più liberi e irriducibili della nuova musica europea. Lo ricordiamo a dieci anni dalla sua scomparsa insieme al batterista Fabrizio Spera che con lui ha condiviso esperienze sul palco e fuori. In chiusura di serata, dopo una selezione da alcuni dei suoi dischi e un percorso ragionato a proposito della sua intera carriera, ascoltiamo parte di un concerto inedito, quello realizzato a Zona Rischio, Roma il 21 dicembre 1995 dal quartetto Ossatura (lo stesso Spera, Luca Venitucci, Elio e Maurizio Martusciello) con ospite il contrabbassista di Wuppertal".


19 ottobre 2012

Al più recente programma di Radio Free Song Club, Catch 23, Peter Blegvad affida un inedito schizzo acustico in ricordo di amici e luoghi di gioventù a New York, abbellito amorevolmente da Ted Reichman (fisarmonica) e David Mansfield (chitarra hawaiana): Simon at the Stone. "Simon is Simon Marsden, an old friend – photographer, “ghost hunter” – a very romantic figure. The Stone is the Blarney Stone on 121 Fulton St where Simon and I were regulars in the 70s and 80s".


18 ottobre 2012

Daevid Allen torna a Maiorca, dove mancava dal 1994, e ritrova luoghi, storie, memorie e visioni dei mitici giorni trascorsi a Deià, fin dai primi anni sessanta. E rintraccia perfino le sedi del Banana Moon Observatory! "Saps com vaig arribar aquí? Per Robert Wyatt… Jo conec en Robert des de l’any 1961. Quan ens vàrem conèixer ell tendria uns 14 o 15 anys, i jo uns 22 més o manco… Era un xaval, però absolutament al·lucinant, perquè la seva edat no tenia res a veure amb la seva mentalitat. Tenia la maduresa d’un home de trenta anys. Passàvem moltes nits parlant, i ell em superava sempre… Em costava seguir-lo! Idò, ell i la seva mare em parlaren de Deià. Na Honor Wyatt era periodista, molt bona, per cert; i coneixia en Robert Graves… Després de les seves paraules em vaig quedar pensant: “Oh, vaja, hem d’anar a aquest poble com sigui!”.
L'eccezionale reportage con intervista e immagini di Tomeu Canyelles e Celestí Oliver - preludio a un più compiuto resoconto in Gong Dreaming 3 - è pubblicato in tre puntate al sito di 40 Putes:

17 ottobre 2012

Vedono la luce nella sezione ErstLive dell'etichetta Erstwhile alcuni dei concerti di Amplify 2011 - erano ben trentacinque - coordinati da Jon Abbey durante due settimane di residenza presso il club newyorkese The Stone a settembre dello scorso anno: protagonista delle prime pubblicazioni è il chitarrista Keith Rowe, in solo (September) e in duo con Christian Wolff.


16 ottobre 2012

Da due concerti a Londra dello scorso anno proviene il nuovo cd di AMM - Eddie Prévost e John Tilbury in duo - per l'etichetta Matchless: Two London Concerts. Richard Pinnell recensisce l'album per The Watchful Ear: "This sounds exactly like an AMM album, but there is a sense of continual development here, the ongoing conversation, stark discussions in places but held with a fluidity that AMM have not had for a while. It's as if a new language has been learnt, and so now the  frank conversations can be more easily held, albeit it with less phrasing, but with precisely the right words chosen and nothing more. It is easy to throw the usual rapturous applause at anything AMM do, but there isn’t a more fully refined and explored musical relationship than Prévost and Tilbury’s, and while I seek and desire newly broken ground in how music sounds or is made as much as anyone there is still room to admire and celebrate the way two masters at their particular art go about creating something this thoughtful and beautiful.  While familiarity breeds recognisable patterns and musical traits AMM continue to make music that oozes tension, beauty, anger, aggression and a vitality that is perpetuates itself in a thoroughly, nakedly human manner, and that’s enough for me".


15 ottobre 2012

Franco Fabbri e Umberto Fiori intervengono a Radio Città Fujiko questa sera, a partire dalle ore 20.00. Parlano tra le altre cose degli album Sotto gli occhi di tutti (di Fiori e Luciano Margorani) e Luci (del solo Fabbri, su iTunes). E' la replica di una puntata di Intersezioni andata in onda tre anni fa: http://tinyurl.com/fiorifabbri2009


14 ottobre 2012

Al canale YouTube di Ape House un altro bel video anticipa la pubblicazione - ormai imminente - del nuovo album di Peter Blegvad e Andy Partridge, Gonwards: Worse on the Way.


13 ottobre 2012

In attesa della pubblicazione di un primo cd ufficiale, oltre che di un'informale (ma integrale) documentazione del recente tour in Giappone, si possono consultare materiali in cdr degli Artaud Beats - Geoff Leigh, Yumi Hara Cawkwell, John Greaves e Chris Cutler - chiedendoli direttamente alla pianista e cantante: yumicity@hotmail.com. Si tratta di alcuni estratti dai due concerti di esordio tenuti dal quartetto a Schiphorst (Germania) e Bodo (Norvegia) rispettivamente nel 2009 e nel 2011.

The Artaud Beats was spontaneously formed at the Avantgarde Festival (Schiphorst, Germany) in 2009. Geoff Leigh and Yumi Hara Cawkwell, who just released a duo album 'Upstream' and completed Japan tour, came along to the festival to perform as a duo, while Chris Cutler and John Greaves were there to perform with Peter Blegvad Trio and Dagmar Krause. Geoff, Chris, and John thought it would have been great to play together after all these years since the early days of Henry Cow, and for Yumi, it was like a dream come true, all agreed to perform together in a slot which was originally for Geoff & Yumi. Their totally improvised performance took the festival by storm, enthusiastically received by the audience and worldwide listeners via live internet broadcast alike. A second performance has been eagerly anticipated, and it happened at Nodutgang festival, Bodo, Norway, 28 October 2011. Following the success of the second performance, having decided not going to wait other two years for the third performance, Yumi took an initiative to organise a Japan tour including workshops in June 2012. Now they are in the process of releasing their first CD...


12 ottobre 2012

Ha da poco chiuso i battenti per ragioni economiche una delle migliori e più affidabili etichette dedicate alla diffusione di musiche d'avanguardia, la californiana New Albion Records. Il catalogo - con importanti opere di John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, John Adams, Cornelius Cardew, Morton Subotnick, Terry Riley, Alvin Curran, Morton Feldman e Lou Harrison - rimarrà disponibile soltanto in formato digitale, senza più ristampe in cd né nuove pubblicazioni.

For nearly a quarter of a century, devotees of a particular strain of contemporary music - experimental, contemplative, drawing on the traditions of John Cage and American minimalism - have counted on the small Bay Area record label New Albion to supply their needs. Under the visionary, willful leadership of founder Foster Reed, the company found a small but distinctive niche in the new music market and made a number of recordings that live on as indispensable documents. There was just one catch: the money. It wasn't there. Last month, Reed, 61, finally decided to pull the plug on his operation. Visitors to the company's website now encounter a mournful black background with a personal note from Reed, directing customers to a website where the company's stock is still available for digital downloads. But the physical CDs are going back to the artists, and there won't be any new records in the pipeline.


11 ottobre 2012

Prende il via oggi un lungo giro di concerti che vedrà impegnato fino a tutto novembre Daevid Allen con una nuova formazione dei Gong: con lui Gilli Smyth, il figlio Orlando Allen (batteria), Fabio Golfetti (chitarre), Dave Sturt (basso elettrico), Ian East (sassofoni e flauto). Date principali in Francia e Regno Unito, con qualche puntata anche in Olanda, Germania e Giappone. Video in http://users.swing.be/daevidallen/promov.html

Accomplished drummer/producer Orlando is of course Gilli and daevid's younger son. They have for years been keen to include him as member of Gong and see now as THE time. Fabio Golfetti, leading light of the Invisible Opera Company of Tibet (Brazil), is a very polished guitarist in smooth Gilmouresque prog mode and of course a glissando guitar practitioner of long standing. And many of you will have experienced the entertaining, expert musicianship of Ian East and Dave Sturt on respectively, wind instruments and bass, on the 2009-10 Gong tours and know that those chairs within the band are in more than capable hand...


10 ottobre 2012

Attorno al nucleo Working Week, promettente capitolo jazz-dance inaugurato nel 1983 dal veterano sassofonista Larry Stabbins e dal chitarrista Simon Booth dopo comune esperienza nei Weekend, gravitarono inizialmente nomi di lustro della scena jazz britannica - perlopiù amici e colleghi di Stabbins, tra cui Harry Beckett, Ernest Mothle, Malcolm Griffiths, Annie Whitehead, Chris Biscoe, Guy Barker, Paul Nieman, Dave Bitelli - e in occasione dei singoli di debutto Venceremos-We Will Win e Storm of Light anche Tracey Thorn, Julie Tippetts e Robert Wyatt. Il primo album del gruppo, Working Nights, uscito per Virgin nel 1985, torna oggi d'attualità in un'edizione in doppio cd per Cherry Red Records arricchita di versioni alternative con estesi inserti strumentali, inediti, rarità e brani dal vivo.

Working Week were formed within the vanguard of London’s jazz-dance scene of the early 1980s. The collective revolved around Simon Booth and esteemed jazz musician Larry Stabbins (both previously with Rough Trade act Weekend), and singer Julie Roberts. Their debut single ‘Venceremos (We Will Win)’ boasted Tracey Thorn and Robert Wyatt on vocals and reached the Top 75. Julie Tippetts sang on the brooding follow-up ‘Storm Of Light’. Debut album Working Nights was one of the cult favourites of 1985, peaking at no. 23 on the charts and spawning several more singles. Working Nights has long been out-of-print and impossible to find on CD. This deluxe reissue finally introduces many of their non-album tracks and remixes to the digital format, including the bonus 12” ‘Stella Marina’ with a rap from Jalal of The Last Poets. Also includes two previously unissued live tracks.


09 ottobre 2012

L'eccellente etichetta finlandese Tum Records pubblica l'album di esordio in duo di Wadada Leo Smith e Louis Moholo-Moholo: Ancestors.

Ancestors by trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and drummer Louis Moholo-Moholo represents not only the first recorded collaboration between these two master musicians but also a unique meeting of one of the leading proponents of creative improvised music in America with a legendary representative of this music in Africa, its mother continent.
Both Smith and Moholo-Moholo have been leading their own groups for nearly five decades but this recording also continues a long line of duo recordings by each of them, in Smith´s case, particularly with drummers (Ed Blackwell, Adam Rudolph, Günter "Baby" Sommer, Jack DeJohnette et al.) and, in Moholo-Moholo´s case, particularly with pianists (Irene Schweizer, Cecil Taylor, John Law, Keith Tippett, Stan Tracey, Marilyn Crispell et al.). Although the two first played together already in the 1970s and occasionally since that time, this is their first recording together.
Of his duo companion on this recording, Smith says that "Louis Moholo-Moholo is one of the most unusual artists I have ever played with. Louis has created a drumming practice that does not transfer African drumming onto the drum set but, rather, he has developed a drum tradition that did not exist anywhere in the music before he created his own language. His use of space and silence, sonic depth accents and drum rolls that are multi-rhythmical in design, with all of this centered within micro-sonic fields, make him one of a kind."


08 ottobre 2012

07 ottobre 2012

Compie trent'anni di attività il Trio di Mike e Kate Westbrook con Chris Biscoe, e tra gli evviva e gli urrà si annunciano concerti a Londra e a Parigi nelle prossime settimane, con altri a seguire nel 2013 in varie sedi europee. Intanto dà il via ai festeggiamenti la pubblicazione per Voiceprint di uno splendido album antologico pieno di inediti, rarità, brani rimessi a lustro o nuovi di zecca: Three into Wonderfull. Auguri!

“No one has succeeded in creating a more distinctive body of work than Mike and Kate Westbrook. Their mixture of jazz, music-theatre, poetry, street entertainment and visuals is rich and unique. That just three people can create such a variety of sounds is hard to believe." (Dave Gelly)

‘three into wonderfull’ digitally re-mastered by Jon Hiseman, presents a cross section of the Westbrook Trio’s recordings over three decades. The selection includes original songs by Kate and Mike Westbrook, settings of European poetry, and jazz standards. There are highlights from two early albums, A Little Westbrook Music and Love For Sale, tracks previously unavailable on CD. There are tracks from the more recent Good Friday 1663 and from L’Ascenseur/The Lift, as well as new recording. At the heart of the album is previously un–released material from the mid 90’s, which includes some of the Trio’s finest performances on record, notably a remarkable 16 minute version of their classic Traurig aber falsch (Sad but untrue).


06 ottobre 2012

Brian Morton scrive di Lol Coxhill nel numero di settembre di Point of Departure. Ne scrive anche la gazzetta di jazz newyorkese The New York City Jazz Record, sempre sul numero di settembre. Qualche filmato girato da Helene Petts pochi giorni fa alla Cecil Sharp House a Londra è disponibile su YouTube, mentre un nuovo incontro in memoria del compianto sassofonista si terrà al Cafe Oto a fine ottobre, con la partecipazione tra gli altri di Steve Beresford, Tony Coe, Alex Ward, Roger Turner, Orphy Robinson, Veryan Weston e Ray Davies.


05 ottobre 2012

Qualche souvenir dall'edizione 2012 del festival Rock in Opposition a Carmaux (Francia): le immagini di Lutz Diehl in ProgRockFoto e vari video ai canali YouTube di Groseille, Issehn e Gates of Llhasa.

04 ottobre 2012

Daevid Allen è stato ospite di Steve Davis nel programma The Interesting Alternative Show di Phoenix FM: la puntata è quella dell'1 ottobre, e la si riascolta dal sito dell'emittente. Ospite di Davis tra qualche giorno sarà Chris Cutler. Anche Klemen Breznikar ha intervistato Allen di recente, per la sua rivista sul web It's Psychedelic Baby.


03 ottobre 2012

Annunciato da tempo, prende il via oggi il giro di concerti in Canada dei Three Friends, nella formazione vista in anteprima a Trieste lo scorso luglio: Gary Green, Malcolm Mortimore, Mick Wilson, Gary Sanctuary, Lee Pomeroy e Charlotte Glasson. Una serata di 'riscaldamento' si è tenuta qualche giorno fa al Ropetackle Arts Centre di Shoreham-by-Sea (Regno Unito), sede cara al gruppo: due estratti video sono su YouTube.


02 ottobre 2012

E un po' della voce di Robert Wyatt è anche in due brani - At the Beginning e Cinéma El Mundo - del nuovo album dei globalisti Lo'Jo, dal titolo appunto Cinéma El Mundo: «Au début, des comètes balbutiaient, ni poissons, ni rades, ni horloge, ni mesure»...

On this album, songwriter Denis Péan's careworn ruminations stretch as far as the elegant cumbia of "Deux Bâtons" and the bowed-string sonorities of "Vientiane", while "African Dub Crossing the Fantôms of an Opera" extends the band's earlier excursions into Africa, accompanied by Tinariwen. The globalist attitude behind Lo'Jo's bohemian Franco-Arabic funk is perhaps best epitomised by the title "La Marseillaise En Créole", a musing upon national identity that pushes beyond boundaries of race and genre. Robert Wyatt lends vocals to the title track, one of several elegantly stumbling waltzes whose rhapsodic violins and wheezing reeds bear out Péan's idea of "sounds harvested in their moment of grace".


01 ottobre 2012

Alan Hall di Falling Trees ha prodotto per la BBC Radio 4 un ritratto di Robert Wyatt - The Voices of Robert Wyatt - in onda domani alle 11.30 in FM e in replica sabato 6 ottobre alle 15.30, anche sul web.

"Robert Wyatt has been recognised as a prog-rock drummer, jazz composer, avant-garde cornet player, artist and activist in a wheelchair. But, above all else, he has been known by one of the most instantly recognisable and distinctive voices of the last fifty years. Forever associated with Shipbuilding, Elvis Costello's song written in reaction to the Falklands War, Wyatt's voice and the causes he gives voice to are intricately entwined. This intimate radio portrait, in his own words, traces Wyatt's journey from the psychedelic excesses of Soft Machine (appearing both with Jimi Hendrix and at the BBC Proms), through the life-changing accident that has confined him to a wheelchair for almost forty years, to recent celebrated musical projects that are reaching new audiences."