16 ottobre 2012

Da due concerti a Londra dello scorso anno proviene il nuovo cd di AMM - Eddie Prévost e John Tilbury in duo - per l'etichetta Matchless: Two London Concerts. Richard Pinnell recensisce l'album per The Watchful Ear: "This sounds exactly like an AMM album, but there is a sense of continual development here, the ongoing conversation, stark discussions in places but held with a fluidity that AMM have not had for a while. It's as if a new language has been learnt, and so now the  frank conversations can be more easily held, albeit it with less phrasing, but with precisely the right words chosen and nothing more. It is easy to throw the usual rapturous applause at anything AMM do, but there isn’t a more fully refined and explored musical relationship than Prévost and Tilbury’s, and while I seek and desire newly broken ground in how music sounds or is made as much as anyone there is still room to admire and celebrate the way two masters at their particular art go about creating something this thoughtful and beautiful.  While familiarity breeds recognisable patterns and musical traits AMM continue to make music that oozes tension, beauty, anger, aggression and a vitality that is perpetuates itself in a thoroughly, nakedly human manner, and that’s enough for me".