27 ottobre 2012

Tim Owen era al Cafe Oto londinese qualche sera fa per i concerti di Korekyojinn e Ruins Songs - il batterista Tatsuya Yoshida ha finalmente deciso di ritentare il formato drum'n'bass per la sua creatura più nobile - ma più di tutto è rimasto colpito dal solo di Charles Hayward tra i due set. Ne scrive al suo blog Dalston Sound: "Forsaking the drums, Charles Hayward performed a set structured around his idiosyncratic take on song-form and the spoken word. He accompanied himself by turns on the Oto grand, a melodica and a cheap Yamaha keyboard, with only brief, meditational interludes of hand-held percussion – rubbing two glass bottles together to create a brittle, vortical drone, for instance, or sounding with mallets an array of Chinese bowls. At one point, Hayward threw his hands up and exclaimed “I don’t know what I’m doing here”: a nice ice-breaker but not the self-deprecatory admission the audience initially assumed. “What are any of us doing here” he continued, “standing on this one lonely atom in space?” Fortunately, everyone was having too good a time to ponder that question too closely. Though they sound very different, when singing his affectingly naked, confessional songs at the piano, Hayward convinced that he has the humanity and fiercely concentrated idiosyncrasy to become a great British eccentric singer-songwriter in the Robert Wyatt mould."