09 ottobre 2012

L'eccellente etichetta finlandese Tum Records pubblica l'album di esordio in duo di Wadada Leo Smith e Louis Moholo-Moholo: Ancestors.

Ancestors by trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and drummer Louis Moholo-Moholo represents not only the first recorded collaboration between these two master musicians but also a unique meeting of one of the leading proponents of creative improvised music in America with a legendary representative of this music in Africa, its mother continent.
Both Smith and Moholo-Moholo have been leading their own groups for nearly five decades but this recording also continues a long line of duo recordings by each of them, in Smith´s case, particularly with drummers (Ed Blackwell, Adam Rudolph, Günter "Baby" Sommer, Jack DeJohnette et al.) and, in Moholo-Moholo´s case, particularly with pianists (Irene Schweizer, Cecil Taylor, John Law, Keith Tippett, Stan Tracey, Marilyn Crispell et al.). Although the two first played together already in the 1970s and occasionally since that time, this is their first recording together.
Of his duo companion on this recording, Smith says that "Louis Moholo-Moholo is one of the most unusual artists I have ever played with. Louis has created a drumming practice that does not transfer African drumming onto the drum set but, rather, he has developed a drum tradition that did not exist anywhere in the music before he created his own language. His use of space and silence, sonic depth accents and drum rolls that are multi-rhythmical in design, with all of this centered within micro-sonic fields, make him one of a kind."