30 novembre 2012

Un'accurata autobiografia sonora segna il ritorno dei patafisici Toupidek Limonade a oltre sei anni dall'ultima uscita discografica: Il y a des vies qui dévient, in vinile su In-Poly-Sons.

"Versailles. Le château. Le parc du château. Un Toupidek y promène souvent sa limonade. Dans le parc, un bassin. Le bassin «du fer à cheval». Nommé ainsi en raison de sa forme. Et le Toupidek de se dire: «Si je faisais une musique qui traduirait les contours du bassin du fer à cheval?». «Cheval-faire!» se poursuit-il en lui-même. Et «lui-même» serait le sujet de cette musique. Entre autobiographie et autobiosonie."


29 novembre 2012

Puntuale a ogni luna piena giunge un nuovo episodio di Canterbury Soundwaves. E questa volta è un omaggio a Pip Pyle!

A tribute to drummer and composer Pip Pyle, including his work with Delivery, Gong, Hatfield and the North, National Health, Soft Heap and more. Also, Kevin Ayers with and without Lady June, Caravan's finest studio work, Robert Wyatt drumming with Soft Machine in Norway '71 and singing a jazz standard in '82, and something new from co-presenter and current Canterbury drummer Adam Brodigan's band Delta Sleep. Also, the first live performance (of Pip's briefest composition) on Canterbury Soundwaves!


28 novembre 2012

Un nuovo titolo Emanem recupera una session del 1978 - prova di 'riscaldamento' per un concerto che poi non ebbe luogo - di John Stevens, Paul Rutherford, Evan Parker e Barry Guy, pubblicata in passato su View e Konnex con il titolo 4, 4, 4, aggiungendovi inediti di epoca successiva del duo Rutherford & Guy (1979) e del duo Stevens & Parker (1992): One Four and Two Twos.


27 novembre 2012

Diversi video su YouTube documentano la ventiseiesima edizione del festival Unlimited, in programma a Wels (Austria) dal 9 all'11 novembre scorsi:

26 novembre 2012

Nuovo appuntamento londinese con le performance multimediali di Sonic Rituals, serie ideata da Yumi Hara Cawkwell e Guy Harries con il coinvolgimento di volta in volta di artisti diversi: stasera al Servant Jazz Quarters, a Dalston, interverranno Geoff Leigh, Mark Hewins, Valerie Pezeron, un gruppo di studenti universitari e, ospite specialissimo, Daevid Allen.


25 novembre 2012

Ospite domani sera del programma di Marcello Lorrai Jazz Anthology, ogni lunedì dalle 22.30 alle 23.30 su Radio Popolare, Riccardo Bergerone presenta il cd di Elton Dean e Ninesense tratto da una sua registrazione al 100 Club di Londra il 5 marzo 1979 e pubblicato qualche mese fa da Reel Recordings.


24 novembre 2012

Al canale YouTube di photocronista un assaggio dal concerto di 'Zeuhl Jazz' presentato ieri sera a Trento al Museo delle Scienze: Emilio Galante (flauto), Giovanni Venosta (tastiera), Alberto Turra (chitarra elettrica), Stefano Senni (basso elettrico) e Francesco Cusa (batteria) al loro debutto insieme in un programma di musiche originali ispirate a Magma e John Coltrane, con un tocco niente male di 'Canterbury sound'. Tra le cover un'ampia sezione di Mëkanïk Destruktiw Kommandöh e Sohïa.


23 novembre 2012

David Toop, Steve Beresford, Roger Turner, Ted Milton, Veryan Weston, Roberto Bellatalla, Fabrizio Spera, Luca Tilli, Hannah Marshall, Sylvia Hallett, Alison Blunt, Geoff Hawkins, Mike Adcock, Richard Sanderson, Chris Hladowski, Family Elan, Tim Hill, Clive Bell, Scanner, Dave Tucker... tutti attorno a Mike Cooper a festeggiare in musica i suoi settant'anni: questa sera a Londra al Cafe Oto, a partire dalle ore 20.00.

For the past 40 years Mike Cooper has traced a path completely his own as an international musical explorer, performing and recording, solo and in a number of inspired groupings and a variety of genres. With his roots lying in acoustic country blues he has, arguably, stretched the possibilities of the guitar even more than his better known contemporaries Davy Graham, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn etc. by pursuing it into the more avant-garde musical areas also occupied by contemporary guitar innovators such as Elliott Sharp, Keith Rowe, Fred Frith and Marc Ribot with an eclectic mix of the many styles he has practiced over the years. Ranging freely through traditional country blues, folk, original songs, free improvisation, pop songs, exotica, electronic music, electro-acoustic music, and ‘sonic gestural’ playing utilising open tunings and extended techniques. He is also a soundscape artist; film and video maker and composes and performs live music for classic and contemporary silent films. His favored instruments – his voice, a vintage 1930’s National tri-cone resophonic guitar and a handmade carbon fibre copy of the same guitar (a gift from the late Allen Timmins) both played acoustically and/or ‘treated’ through a series of digital sampling and looping devices. He is also a music journalist, writing features for magazines, particularly on Pacific music and musicians, a collector of Hawaiian shirts, runs his own Hipshot record imprint and appears on more records than he can remember.


22 novembre 2012

Speciali festeggiamenti mercoledì scorso per i venticinque anni dell'eccellente programma radiofonico Spinning on Air, curato da David Garland per l'emittente newyorkese WNYC: tra gli ospiti c'erano Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, John Zorn, Nels Cline, Vashti Bunyan, Diane Cluck, Jean Rohe, Anders Griffin, Isabel Castellvi, Ryan Maxwell e Brian Lehrer.
Registrazione integrale della serata è in http://www.davidgarland.com, mentre la primissima puntata del programma - era il 2 agosto 1987 - è ripresa in http://www.wnyc.org/shows/spinning/2012/nov/11

On Wednesday evening, November 14th, the 25th Anniversary of WNYC's Spinning On Air was celebrated in the Jerome L. Greene Performance Space. The event was hosted by the show's creator David Garland, and featured performances by, and conversations with, very special guests including Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, John Zorn, and Diane Cluck. The eclectic weekly music program Spinning On Air was created in 1987 by David Garland, who's been hosting, producing, engineering, mixing, booking, conceptualizing and planning the show ever since. Garland, a musician and artist, often welcomes passionate, personal, adventurous musicians on the show to perform, and to talk about the creative process and experience. Garland specializes in making connections, offering surprises, and bringing attention to the neglected, forgotten, and uncategorizable. For 25 years WNYC's Spinning On Air has taken listeners to unusual musical places, exemplifying the curiosity and enthusiasm of downtown New York.


21 novembre 2012

Libero di tanto in tanto dagli impegni con la sua band 'sudista', Richard Sinclair si concede qualche occasionale uscita in solo: lo si può ascoltare domani all'Accademia Real di Avellino e il 7 dicembre al Velvet di Grottaglie (Ta).


20 novembre 2012

Magma al club Le Triton di Les Lilas (Francia) per una nuova intensa settimana di concerti: da oggi al 24 novembre, ogni sera a partire dalle ore 21.00.

"Magma est le seul groupe français à avoir dépassé les barrières des générations, des frontières et du temps. Christian Vander, son leader depuis 1969, en nourrissant le répertoire contemporain d'œuvres aussi insolites qu'inouïes, aura provoqué un véritable séisme chez de très nombreux auditeurs. La force de Magma, au-delà d'une identité unique, est d'être parvenu à une universalité à laquelle ne peut prétendre qu'un petit nombre de grands compositeurs. Après quarante ans d'existence, Magma est plus qu'un groupe, c'est une légende qui continue à s'écrire. Durant ces dix dernières années, le Triton et Magma ont construit un compagnonage exemplaire : 65 concerts, 4 DVD coproduits, un cinquième en préparation, une résidence de création... Cette année encore, le groupe investira la scène du Triton pour une semaine de concerts, et même si c'est désormais une tradition, il n'en reste pas moins qu'un concert de Magma au Triton est toujours un évènement unique, puissant et bouleversant."


19 novembre 2012

Un nuovo album di Gilad Atzmon - 'Best musician living in the world today', indica Robert Wyatt - è di imminente uscita: si intitola Songs of the Metropolis, e se ne ascolta in anteprima qualche brano in http://www.gilad.co.uk/music-videos/2012/11/15/soonsongs-of-the-metropolis-new-ohes-album.html

Maverick, award-winning saxophonist Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble are back on the road with their latest album Songs Of The Metropolis. For the last 12 years the quartet have been touring all over the world, stunning audiences with their firebrand performances packed with drama, pathos, luscious harmonies and wit. Atzmon's latest compositions are a sweeping homage to our great cities, from Moscow to Buenos Aires and beyond. Each tune is at once reminiscent and hopeful; in a time of great uncertainty and turbulence Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble deliver melodies that provide an anchor to wherever it is that we call home.


18 novembre 2012

Evviva, è in arrivo un nuovo lavoro di Bing Selfish: Handsome Out Together.

"Some people mellow, others keep their eyes open and can’t help but find more entities, situations and discoveries to set off neurone explosions all over the china shop. Mr Selfish, known for his wide range of interests, arrives again to say a lot of stuff we never even knew we were thinking and even if we did know we were thinking it, we'd never have written a song about it. We fly back to the days of Marcus Aurelius, zip through today’s catalogue of dirty digital mugshots (PC Mark Kennedy, the banking system, architects) and zap to the future in Shanghai and with Xentos Bentos’ Genderizer. Don’t let this make you think there ain’t a few laughs along the way and a few dreams we’re allowed to have before the sun disappears one last time. A set text in a country you wish existed."


17 novembre 2012

Guigou Chenevier torna brevemente in Italia con il suo progetto a geometria variabile - in assetto rockettaro, per questa occasione - Le Miroir et le Marteau: con lui sono Gille Laval (chitarra), Franck Testut (basso elettrico) e Emmanuel Gilot (suono). Concerti questa sera al CSC a S. Vito di Leguzzano (Vi) e domani all'Area Sismica a Ravaldino in Monte (Fc).

Le Miroir et le Marteau est un projet à double détente : tout d'abord un trio. En fait le trio le plus banal de l'histoire du rock : une guitare, une basse, une batterie (trio renforcé pour l'occasion par un travail important sur le son). La musique de ce trio ne garde du rock que son énergie brute et électrique. Les compositions du Miroir sont minimalistes, répétitives et dépouillées. Le son est sans fioritures, malgré certaines écritures rythmiques beaucoup plus complexes que les rythmiques binaires d'usage dans le rock. Voilà pour le noyau dur du trio. Mais l'idée du Miroir et Marteau, c'est aussi que ce trio de base rencontre et joue avec toutes sortes de musiciens invités : amateurs, professionnels, joueurs de luth ou de guimbarde, de harpe ou de cornemuse, qu'importe! Tout est ouvert et principalement les compositions du trio, volontairement ouvertes et dépouillées pour laisser de l'espace et des plages d'expression à tous les invités possibles.


16 novembre 2012

MoonJune Records atterra su Bandcamp e fino alla fatidica data del 12 dicembre prossimo offre una compilation promozionale di sette ore di musica - una sessantina di brani tratti dalle varie produzioni dell'etichetta - al costo suggerito di un dollaro: http://moonjunerecords.bandcamp.com

MoonJune Records came into being in 2001. The focus of MoonJune is to discover and release music by artists from a variety of international settings. The ongoing goal of MoonJune is to support music that transcends stylistic pigeon-holing, but operates within an evolutionary progressive musical continuum that explores boundaries of jazz, rock, avant, ethno, the unknown and anything in between.


15 novembre 2012

Un concerto delle Mothers of Invention inaugura per la Vaulternative Records - etichetta di casa Zappa votata a materiali d'archivio, inediti e rarità - una nuova serie di documenti dal vivo, Road Tapes, sottraendoli alla sola circolazione non ufficiale: con Frank Zappa a Vancouver B.C. il 15 agosto 1968 c'erano Art Tripp III, Bunk Gardner, Don Preston, Ian Underwood, Jimmy Carl Black, Motorhead Sherwood e Roy Estrada.
Sguardo retrospettivo, ma di altra natura, lancia anche l'antologia Understanding America, progettata in vita dallo stesso Zappa e pubblicata negli Stati Uniti in concomitanza con le scorse elezioni presidenziali.
Nel frattempo il ciclo di ristampe del catalogo Barking Pumpkin - una sessantina di titoli - è giunto quasi al termine, e Barfko-Swill ne propone l'acquisto cumulativo per ampie sezioni o per intero: un confronto analitico con le precedenti edizioni degli album si trova nella sezione 'What You Need and Why' in ww.lukpac.org/~handmade/patio/vinylvscds/2012hotpoop.html.

14 novembre 2012

Cambia indirizzo e impostazione generale Progressive Ears, uno dei più frequentati forum di informazione e conversazione su rock progressivo e affini: il nuovo url è http://www.progressiveears.org.
Dopo cinque anni chiude invece le pubblicazioni Continuo, uno dei blog più importanti e qualificati in materia di musiche di ricerca, d'arte e d'avanguardia: http://continuo.wordpress.com

13 novembre 2012

Esce per l'etichetta Fmr uno degli ultimi concerti del compianto Tony Marsh: For the Last Time, registrato l'8 gennaio di quest'anno al Victoria Rooms di Bristol insieme a Paul Dunmall e Phill Gibbs.

12 novembre 2012

Doppio battesimo per Fataka, nuova etichetta discografica londinese dedicata a jazz e improvvisazione: un concerto del 2008 di John Coxon, Evan Parker e Eddie Prévost (Cinema) e uno del 2010 di John Butcher e Matthew Shipp (At Oto). Edizioni in cd limitate a 500 copie, disponibili anche come file audio flac e mp3.

It is always a pleasure to welcome a new improvised music label, particularly when its initial releases give a strong indication that it will be releasing high quality recordings by some of the best improvisers around. That is certainly the case with Trevor Brent's Fataka, the newest label to emerge onto the London scene. As well as American pianist Matthew Shipp, Fataka's first two releases feature four British musicians who are active on the London scene, and each of whom has their own label: saxophonist John Butcher (Weight of Wax), guitarist John Coxon (Treader), saxophonist Evan Parker (Psi) and percussionist Eddie Prévost (Matchless). Without a doubt, such a line up would be the envy of many another label. Yes, Fataka is starting with a bang-and setting a very high standard for future releases to match. The label's music will be issued on CD, in numbered limited editions, and also on MP3 and FLAC.


11 novembre 2012

Trademark Ground è il titolo di un nuovo album di Charles Hayward, registrato lo scorso anno a margine della sua partecipazione al festival canadese Tone Deaf. Esce su vinile in sole trecento copie, con musica su un lato del disco e incisione grafica sull'altro: lo produce la neonata etichetta Otoacoustic, che a richiesta offre anche vari materiali aggiuntivi.

In October 2011, renowned percussionist Charles Hayward made his first solo appearance in Canada as part of Kingston Ontario's Tone Deaf Festival. The day after his show he went into the studio for a session focusing on his new piano songs and drumset improvisations. He ended up with a powerful cycle of four intimate songs seamlessly connected by five brilliant percussion interludes. The session was mixed by sound artist Matt Rogalsky, who has woven his field recordings into the fabric of Hayward's drum work - subtle and unsettling interventions. The songs - Yesterday's Men, I've Been Watching You, Rattlesnake and Summerhill - cover wide emotional range, by turns wondering, fearful, sinister and joyful. The interludes form pathways in between, through familiar and unfamiliar sonic terrain. Hayward's drum set meshes with creaks, scrapes, dripping taps and skipping CD players.
Trademark Ground is released as a limited edition, in a numbered series of only 300 LPs worldwide. This is a very special production, with Hayward's music on one side and his original graphics laser-etched into side 2. The albums are being pressed in 180 gram clear vinyl, with a full-color sleeve also featuring original Hayward graphics. The release date is November 1, 2012. This is the debut release on a new imprint, Otoacoustic, for new and adventurous music and sound projects in many media.


10 novembre 2012

Il film Concert for Fukushima proiettato questo pomeriggio al festival Unlimited 26 di Wels sarà presto anche un dvd, distribuito direttamente dall'etichetta del regista Pavel Borodin - la PanRec - e dall'etichetta austriaca Trost, che per documentare ulteriormente l'edizione del festival dell'anno scorso ha pronto un cofanetto di cinque cd, con lo stesso titolo del programma curato da e con Peter Brötzmann: Long Story Short.

It was a special wish of the curator of the 2011 Music Unlimited Festival (Wels, Austria), Peter Brötzmann, to organize a charity concert in aid of the Fukushima nuclear disaster recovery effort. For that purpose, the Chicago Tentet, one of Brötzmann's main bands since 15 years, invited four leading Japanese musicians to play with them for one set of approximately 25 minutes each. And it turned out to be a highlight of the festival that certainly was not short of highlights. Half of the proceeds raised from this benefit concert were donated to the Japanese organization "Save Takata", which is implementing restoration activities centred around the city of Rikuzentakata, where enormous losses were suffered following the Japan earthquake of March 11, 2011. The other half went to "Project Fukushima!", a multi-faceted long-term project launched, among others, by Yoshihide Otomo and determined to turn Fukushima, a name which now has a stigma attached to it worldwide, into a positive word.


09 novembre 2012

Giunge all'edizione numero 26 il festival Unlimited a Wels (Austria), e il cartellone è come al solito eccellente: Keith e Julie Tippett con Paul Dunmall, Evan Parker con Peter Evans e Okkyung Lee, Han Bennink con Ches Smith, Led Bib, Albert Newton - cioè Pat Thomas, John Edwards e Charles Hayward -, John Butcher con Tony Buck, Nate Wooley con Paul Lytton e Phil Minton con il Feral Choir sono tra i protagonisti quest'anno. In proiezione c'è anche il Concert for Fukushima filmato qui l'anno scorso da Pavel Borodin durante la speciale edizione del festival curata con Peter Brötzmann. Il programma completo - con un'affettuosa dedica al compianto Lol Coxhill - è in www.musicunlimited.at.


08 novembre 2012

Festeggia in pubblico trent'anni di attività il Trio di Mike e Kate Westbrook con Chris Biscoe: un primo concerto dal titolo The Moon's Our Home si tiene sabato 10 novembre a Londra al Kings Place, nell'ambito del London Jazz Festival, seguito da un appuntamento domenica 25 novembre a Parigi al 19 rue Paul Fort di Hélène Aziza. Altri concerti avranno luogo a primavera 2013 a Stoccolma, Vienna e Zurigo. Un'anteprima è offerta intanto nella puntata di domani pomeriggio di In Tune, programma di Radio 3 della BBC. Auguri!


07 novembre 2012

Ad accompagnare il testo di Duncan Heining Trad Dads, Dirty Boppers and Free Fusioneers, importante affresco degli anni ruggenti del jazz britannico dal dopoguerra fino alla metà degli anni settanta appena uscito per i tipi della Equinox Publishing di Sheffield, c'è un eccellente cd prodotto in Canada dall'indomita Reel Recordings di Michael King. Scrive King: "When Duncan enthusiastically embraced Reel Recordings’ proposal to produce a collection of rare recordings as a musical companion for his book illuminating the classic period of British Jazz, 1960-1975, it was clear that the endeavor would uncover pure musical gold. The finding of these recordings was met with generosity by the musicians and their respective estates, and they, along with Reel Recordings, are donating all proceeds from the purchase of this CD to the Musicians Benevolent Fund, U.K. The musicians represented here rank highly among the many talented musicians from this especially creative period of British Jazz as it developed on stages and in studios across London. For some, their reputations precede them, while others have perhaps receded into anonymity. All, however, are unified through a common love for the colours and sounds of vanguardist jazz composition and performance. Today, in 2012, this compendium reveals recordings, which will touch listeners, both those who remember the times and those who are just discovering its music, with its beauty, excitement, and imagination. Trad Dads, Dirty Boppers and Free Fusioneers: British Jazz 1961-1975 is a veritable treasure trove of musical brilliance, made personal and distinctive by individual improvisers and accompanists of extraordinary ability, and comes exclusively in a Compact Disc Edition that will delight jazz fans everywhere."


06 novembre 2012

Tra i destinatari del generoso premio devoluto dalla fondazione britannica Paul Hamlyn a sostegno di artisti e compositori quest'anno c'è anche Steve Beresford. Congratulazioni!

Five visual artists and three composers were announced as recipients at the 2012 Awards ceremony hosted at the new PHF headquarters in King's Cross, London. Each artist was presented with an award of £50,000 over three years, a recent increase from £45,000. The visual artist recipients are Ed Atkins, Pavel Büchler, Andy Holden, Elizabeth Price and Lis Rhodes. The composers are Steve Beresford, Eliza Carthy and Edmund Finnis. The Awards are made to support artists at timely points in their careers, providing them with the freedom to develop their creative ideas and contributing to their personal and professional growth. It is the most generous support of its kind in the UK and comes with 'no strings attached', giving the recipient full autonomy to decide how the Award can best support their life and creative practice.


05 novembre 2012

In distribuzione finora soltanto nei luoghi visitati dal loro ultimo giro di concerti, per non anticiparne troppo l'esperienza e i contenuti, esce oggi ufficialmente Songs from the Shipyards, terzo volume per The Unthanks nella serie Diversions dedicata a documentare vari progetti tematici a margine del normale repertorio. Contiene parte delle musiche e delle canzoni composte per accompagnare dal vivo la proiezione dell'omonimo film di Richard Fenwick dedicato alla storia dei cantieri navali in Gran Bretagna. C'è ovviamente anche Shipbuilding, il classico di Elvis Costello e Clive Langer reso immortale da Robert Wyatt.

Diversions Vol. 3 contains the music created by The Unthanks for the Tyneside Cinema commissioned film of the same name, Songs from the Shipyards - a beautiful and moving film, tracing the story of shipbuilding. Made by internationally acclaimed North-East filmmaker Richard Fenwick, Songs from the Shipyards is made from archive footage from the past 100 years, and illustrates in microcosm the highs and lows of Britain’s industrial journey. Fenwick and The Unthanks collaborated on the film from the start of the creative process, devising a strong political and human narrative to the story, and creating a unique, powerful, live audio-visual event, in which The Unthanks would perform a live soundtrack to the film.
Diversions Vol. 3 is a studio album that documents a non-sequential ‘best of’ the live soundtrack. It is part of a series of side-project releases for The Unthanks, all three of which have been released inside a prolific 12 month period. Vol. 2, released this summer, charted their collaboration with Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band, while Vol. 1 featured an exploration of the music of Robert Wyatt and Antony & the Johnsons. On that project, The Unthanks resisted the temptation to tackle Shipbuilding, which was written for Wyatt, knowing that the Shipyards project was just around the corner! The Elvis Costello/Clive Langer classic features on Vol. 3.


04 novembre 2012

Il lungo tour di concerti dei Gong intrapreso a inizio ottobre - particolarmente accidentato finora, tra date cancellate, ritardi, cambiamenti di sede, maltempo e soprattutto l'infortunio occorso i primi giorni a Gilli Smyth, solo in parte superato - è documentato e commentato quotidianamente nella sezione blog del sito Planet Gong. Un'intervista a Daevid Allen, in occasione del concerto a Parigi al club New Morning, è pubblicata da MisèRecords su YouTube. Del concerto parigino, cui hanno preso parte anche Didier Malherbe e Shyamal Maitra, sono da vedere le riprese di MrVJBrun, mentre su Vimeo ci sono quelle effettuate al concerto di Besançon da Luc Pilmeyer.


03 novembre 2012

Ringraziano gli dèi - e un fattore C non indifferente - i titolari di Downtown Music Gallery, celebre negozio di dischi nonché centro di distribuzione musicale con sede in Chinatown a New York, per esser usciti pressoché indenni dal passaggio dell'uragano Sandy. Così scrivono i quattro miracolati - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Emanuel 'MannyLunch' Maris, Chuck Bettis e Joe Merolla - per rassicurare i molti sostenitori internazionali: "Hello to our many, many friends across all nations of the world! It was indeed gratifying to see the several hundred emails expressing concern, best wishes, and offers of financial, and more locally, physical help! Manny made his way down to the store via a four-hour bicycle round-trip and we are ecstatic to report that the store was left untouched by flooding or moisture damage. For this we are thankful to all forms of the Deity, but especially as just twenty feet across the street all the buildings were having their flooded basements pumped out. Our location is almost at sea level, just two blocks from the East River, so we averted disaster by mere inches. Shheeeesh!"


02 novembre 2012

E c'è un'edizione specialissima anche del nuovo album di Peter Blegvad e Andy Partridge, Gonwards: un box a tiratura limitata - duemila copie - con libretti e brani aggiuntivi, missaggi alternativi, video promozionali, un gioco della tombola ispirato al bingo messicano ma con immagini originali (di Blegvad) correlate ai testi dell'album. Il tutto certificato dagli autografi autentici degli autori, con Stu Rowe a buon titolo a fianco di Blegvad e Partridge.

Gonwards is the second release by Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge. Mixing spoken word and songs, the material is voiced by Blegvad and features music played, programmed and assembled by Andy Partridge and Stu Rowe (in whose Swindon-based digital studio the recordings were made). The trio has produced an album that began as a re-imagination of the myth of The Blues and grew from there to encompass a multitude of musical and lyrical themes; the latter including a roll call of words and terminology for use in The Blues, musings on alcohol and St. Augustine, the role of the car and much more. A typically brilliant and playful fusion of disparate elements from two of rock music's most inventive eccentrics. The special box set edition is limited to 2000 copies globally.


01 novembre 2012

Specialissima edizione per il quarantennale di uno dei capolavori dei King CrimsonLarks' Tongues in Aspic: ne scrive John Kelman su All About Jazz e se ne dibatte in Progressive Ears.

Why is a box set of Larks' Tongues in Aspic important? Why is a box set necessary? The box has been advertized as including "every known note recorded note by the quintet lineup," and, between live recordings and remixes, there are six versions of "The Talking Drum" and "Larks Tongues in Aspic (Part II)," seven versions of "Easy Money," eight versions of "Book of Saturday" and "Larks Tongues in Aspic (Part I)," and a whopping nine versions of "Exiles," not to mention two live versions of "21st Century Schizoid Man"-the one and only track from a previous Crimson recording to make it into this group's repertoire.
Nine CDs collect a total of six live recordings-two previously released as part of the King Crimson Collectors Club, two previously only available as digital downloads from DGM Live, and two performances never before released. There's also the audio from Crimson's appearance on Germany's Beat Club television show (even more importantly, the video is included on the DVD-A and Blu-Ray discs as well, available commercially for the first time). The fidelity varies widely. There's plenty of lo-fi-all but one of the live CDs coming from audience bootlegs restored by David Singleton and Alex R. Mundy to their best possible fidelity, but still determinedly lo-fi. There's ok-fi, in the November 13, 1972 Guildford Civic Hall set, which comes from a restored a cassette tape soundboard recording. And there's close-to-hi-fi in the Beat Club set. But collectively, it's an opportunity to not only experience the short-lived quintet lineup of Larks' Tongues in Aspic in all its freewheeling, improvisational glory, it's also a chance to hear the album's six compositions coalesce over time, with some tracks considerably different at the group's first-ever live show at Frankfurt's The Zoom Club, compared to both the Portsmouth Guildhall show just two months later and, ultimately, the studio recording that was made between January and early February, 1973.