06 novembre 2012

Tra i destinatari del generoso premio devoluto dalla fondazione britannica Paul Hamlyn a sostegno di artisti e compositori quest'anno c'è anche Steve Beresford. Congratulazioni!

Five visual artists and three composers were announced as recipients at the 2012 Awards ceremony hosted at the new PHF headquarters in King's Cross, London. Each artist was presented with an award of £50,000 over three years, a recent increase from £45,000. The visual artist recipients are Ed Atkins, Pavel Büchler, Andy Holden, Elizabeth Price and Lis Rhodes. The composers are Steve Beresford, Eliza Carthy and Edmund Finnis. The Awards are made to support artists at timely points in their careers, providing them with the freedom to develop their creative ideas and contributing to their personal and professional growth. It is the most generous support of its kind in the UK and comes with 'no strings attached', giving the recipient full autonomy to decide how the Award can best support their life and creative practice.