12 novembre 2012

Doppio battesimo per Fataka, nuova etichetta discografica londinese dedicata a jazz e improvvisazione: un concerto del 2008 di John Coxon, Evan Parker e Eddie Prévost (Cinema) e uno del 2010 di John Butcher e Matthew Shipp (At Oto). Edizioni in cd limitate a 500 copie, disponibili anche come file audio flac e mp3.

It is always a pleasure to welcome a new improvised music label, particularly when its initial releases give a strong indication that it will be releasing high quality recordings by some of the best improvisers around. That is certainly the case with Trevor Brent's Fataka, the newest label to emerge onto the London scene. As well as American pianist Matthew Shipp, Fataka's first two releases feature four British musicians who are active on the London scene, and each of whom has their own label: saxophonist John Butcher (Weight of Wax), guitarist John Coxon (Treader), saxophonist Evan Parker (Psi) and percussionist Eddie Prévost (Matchless). Without a doubt, such a line up would be the envy of many another label. Yes, Fataka is starting with a bang-and setting a very high standard for future releases to match. The label's music will be issued on CD, in numbered limited editions, and also on MP3 and FLAC.