02 novembre 2012

E c'è un'edizione specialissima anche del nuovo album di Peter Blegvad e Andy Partridge, Gonwards: un box a tiratura limitata - duemila copie - con libretti e brani aggiuntivi, missaggi alternativi, video promozionali, un gioco della tombola ispirato al bingo messicano ma con immagini originali (di Blegvad) correlate ai testi dell'album. Il tutto certificato dagli autografi autentici degli autori, con Stu Rowe a buon titolo a fianco di Blegvad e Partridge.

Gonwards is the second release by Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge. Mixing spoken word and songs, the material is voiced by Blegvad and features music played, programmed and assembled by Andy Partridge and Stu Rowe (in whose Swindon-based digital studio the recordings were made). The trio has produced an album that began as a re-imagination of the myth of The Blues and grew from there to encompass a multitude of musical and lyrical themes; the latter including a roll call of words and terminology for use in The Blues, musings on alcohol and St. Augustine, the role of the car and much more. A typically brilliant and playful fusion of disparate elements from two of rock music's most inventive eccentrics. The special box set edition is limited to 2000 copies globally.