18 novembre 2012

Evviva, è in arrivo un nuovo lavoro di Bing Selfish: Handsome Out Together.

"Some people mellow, others keep their eyes open and can’t help but find more entities, situations and discoveries to set off neurone explosions all over the china shop. Mr Selfish, known for his wide range of interests, arrives again to say a lot of stuff we never even knew we were thinking and even if we did know we were thinking it, we'd never have written a song about it. We fly back to the days of Marcus Aurelius, zip through today’s catalogue of dirty digital mugshots (PC Mark Kennedy, the banking system, architects) and zap to the future in Shanghai and with Xentos Bentos’ Genderizer. Don’t let this make you think there ain’t a few laughs along the way and a few dreams we’re allowed to have before the sun disappears one last time. A set text in a country you wish existed."