10 novembre 2012

Il film Concert for Fukushima proiettato questo pomeriggio al festival Unlimited 26 di Wels sarà presto anche un dvd, distribuito direttamente dall'etichetta del regista Pavel Borodin - la PanRec - e dall'etichetta austriaca Trost, che per documentare ulteriormente l'edizione del festival dell'anno scorso ha pronto un cofanetto di cinque cd, con lo stesso titolo del programma curato da e con Peter Brötzmann: Long Story Short.

It was a special wish of the curator of the 2011 Music Unlimited Festival (Wels, Austria), Peter Brötzmann, to organize a charity concert in aid of the Fukushima nuclear disaster recovery effort. For that purpose, the Chicago Tentet, one of Brötzmann's main bands since 15 years, invited four leading Japanese musicians to play with them for one set of approximately 25 minutes each. And it turned out to be a highlight of the festival that certainly was not short of highlights. Half of the proceeds raised from this benefit concert were donated to the Japanese organization "Save Takata", which is implementing restoration activities centred around the city of Rikuzentakata, where enormous losses were suffered following the Japan earthquake of March 11, 2011. The other half went to "Project Fukushima!", a multi-faceted long-term project launched, among others, by Yoshihide Otomo and determined to turn Fukushima, a name which now has a stigma attached to it worldwide, into a positive word.