03 novembre 2012

Ringraziano gli dèi - e un fattore C non indifferente - i titolari di Downtown Music Gallery, celebre negozio di dischi nonché centro di distribuzione musicale con sede in Chinatown a New York, per esser usciti pressoché indenni dal passaggio dell'uragano Sandy. Così scrivono i quattro miracolati - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Emanuel 'MannyLunch' Maris, Chuck Bettis e Joe Merolla - per rassicurare i molti sostenitori internazionali: "Hello to our many, many friends across all nations of the world! It was indeed gratifying to see the several hundred emails expressing concern, best wishes, and offers of financial, and more locally, physical help! Manny made his way down to the store via a four-hour bicycle round-trip and we are ecstatic to report that the store was left untouched by flooding or moisture damage. For this we are thankful to all forms of the Deity, but especially as just twenty feet across the street all the buildings were having their flooded basements pumped out. Our location is almost at sea level, just two blocks from the East River, so we averted disaster by mere inches. Shheeeesh!"