11 novembre 2012

Trademark Ground è il titolo di un nuovo album di Charles Hayward, registrato lo scorso anno a margine della sua partecipazione al festival canadese Tone Deaf. Esce su vinile in sole trecento copie, con musica su un lato del disco e incisione grafica sull'altro: lo produce la neonata etichetta Otoacoustic, che a richiesta offre anche vari materiali aggiuntivi.

In October 2011, renowned percussionist Charles Hayward made his first solo appearance in Canada as part of Kingston Ontario's Tone Deaf Festival. The day after his show he went into the studio for a session focusing on his new piano songs and drumset improvisations. He ended up with a powerful cycle of four intimate songs seamlessly connected by five brilliant percussion interludes. The session was mixed by sound artist Matt Rogalsky, who has woven his field recordings into the fabric of Hayward's drum work - subtle and unsettling interventions. The songs - Yesterday's Men, I've Been Watching You, Rattlesnake and Summerhill - cover wide emotional range, by turns wondering, fearful, sinister and joyful. The interludes form pathways in between, through familiar and unfamiliar sonic terrain. Hayward's drum set meshes with creaks, scrapes, dripping taps and skipping CD players.
Trademark Ground is released as a limited edition, in a numbered series of only 300 LPs worldwide. This is a very special production, with Hayward's music on one side and his original graphics laser-etched into side 2. The albums are being pressed in 180 gram clear vinyl, with a full-color sleeve also featuring original Hayward graphics. The release date is November 1, 2012. This is the debut release on a new imprint, Otoacoustic, for new and adventurous music and sound projects in many media.