23 dicembre 2012

All'inaugurazione pochi giorni fa a Londra della mostra Music & Liberation su musica e attivismo femminista in Gran Bretagna negli anni settanta e ottanta c'era anche una delle protagoniste del movimento in quegli anni, Frankie Armstrong. La mostra è allestita alla Space Station Sixty-Five fino al prossimo 13 gennaio, e si basa su documenti e materiali raccolti da Deborah Withers e Frankie Green, in gran parte riprodotti anche negli archivi del loro blog Women’s Liberation Music Archive.
Il programma della mostra è in http://tinyurl.com/bns5caa.

Music & Liberation: Women’s Liberation Music Making in the UK, 1970 -1989 shows how feminists used music as an activist tool to entertain and empower women during the 1970s and '80s. Featuring the work of Jam Today, the Northern Women’s Liberation Rock Band, Feminist Improvising Group, Ova, the Fabulous Dirt Sisters, Abandon Your Tutu, the Mistakes and many more, the exhibition brings together a diverse collection of women’s cultural heritage. Music & Liberation will inspire and inform contemporary audiences about the politics of music making. The exhibition will showcase rare ephemera and artefacts such as posters, songbooks, t-shirts, instruments and fliers. Visitors will be able to watch films, interact with installations, look at photographs and, of course, listen to music. This is a unique opportunity to listen to unreleased recordings of practices, live performances and studio tracks from women musicians yet to be discovered by contemporary audiences. Ten oral histories, which have been collected especially for the project, will also be available to listen to and watch. Music & Liberation: A Compilation of Music from the Women’s Liberation Movement will be sold at the exhibition.