29 dicembre 2012

Capsule del tempo. Andy Diagram e Keith Moliné sigillano in uno dei sottovuoti argentati di Entr'acte il pallido ricordo di un pomeriggio nel giardino di casa, a Leytonstone: Ley. “So there we were in Leytonstone, talking about identity, how the Self imprints itself on musical performance, whether consciously or unconsciously. Which, arguably, is what we mean when we talk about Style. Would circumventing Style be possible, and if so desirable? Would a new identity impose itself in the absence of the Self, perhaps the identityof the Moment, or the Place? So we went out into the garden with a stereo mic, a bunch of junk shop guitars, and a trumpet ‘plugged in’ to a bowl of water via rubber tubing. Now, normally we’re hooked up to a bunch of tech, trumpet looped and harmonised, guitar synth’d, all cranked through amps. This time, attempting to give our Selves and their attendant Styles the slip, we played un-plugged. An hour passed in that Leytonstone garden; it felt like minutes, one of us said, no, no, it felt like days came the reply. So we listened back, hoping to hear Leytonstone, but we could still hear our Selves. We volte-faced, booted up the computer, spent months, months searching for ways to feed the garden recording into the software, treating the soundfile as if it were a punchcard on an old main-frame machine, hoping that technology would efface us, to reveal something elemental about the Place itself, at the Moment of creation. Once we’d finished developing a series of patches designed to interface with the source recording, we pressed Return, sat back, and listened. Ley is what we heard.”