28 dicembre 2012

Ha lasciato tracce indelebili in storici album zappiani come Freak Out!, Absolutely Free e Cruising with Ruben & the Jets. All'età di 76 anni se n'è andato pochi giorni fa Ray Collins, voce ruggente delle Mothers of Invention originali. Scrive l'amico Denny Walley: "Ray was one of the founding members of Geronimo Black. We did a demo recording at Devonshire Recording Studio in the San Fernando Valley, CA that led to us getting a recording contract with UNI records. Ray’s impromptu lyrics of the recording of Mayonnaise Mountain clinched the deal! Ray had very strong feelings about ecology, in fact he once quit Geronimo Black because Tjay threw a fast food wrapper out of the car window! He said he couldn't be associated with anyone that would do something like that! He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.”