24 dicembre 2012

Kate Westbrook scrive a Laura Cole per il suo blog Little Woman, Lonely Wing a proposito di condizionamenti e opportunità di carriera incontrati in quanto donna nell'industria musicale britannica: "I am fortunate to have a platform working closely with my husband. I see former students of mine who have hoped to live a life playing music, losing heart and going in to other professions in order to live. This applies to both sexes, but I still feel it is harder for women. It is particularly difficult for anyone working at the experimental end of the spectrum. Are we really back to glamorous girls doing standards nicely? Certainly in jazz, the climate is such that almost everyone is having a struggle, just a few ‘names’ earn a lot and play as much as they choose to. Not long ago after a gig at the 606 Club in London, as I was coming out at the end of the evening I was stopped by a young woman. She asked me how she could get started as a singer with a band. My reply was ‘Marry a band leader’. Only half joking, I’m sorry to say". Il post completo si legge in http://littlewomanlonelywing.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/december-18th-2012-post-2-kate-westbrook.html oppure in http://www.westbrookjazz.co.uk/katewestbrook/laura_cole.shtml