12 dicembre 2012

Nel 1995 era un pastiche multimediale in cd-rom pensato per Windows, ora è un libro con la trascrizione di gran parte delle storie parallele previste dal gioco originale e tanto di colonna sonora rivista e aggiornata ai giorni nostri: Bad Day on the Midway, dei Residents.

"In this multimedia extravaganza, you take on the role of a little boy named Timmy who visits a run-down amusement park. Quickly you learn that all is not well on the midway -- intrigue, blackmail and murder are everywhere. To survive, you have to leave Timmy at one point and "soul-jump" to other persons by clicking on them. Each of the characters on the midway has their own story, each illustrated by a different comic artist. Some of the stories can be learned only while playing Timmy; others, by visiting different attractions. Soon it becomes clear that every character is following a separate agenda. inSCAPE, the company that produced the games, have made sure no two games can be the same, and you won't be able to see the entire story in one play -- or even in ten. It's best not to approach Bad Day on the Midway as a game, but as a multimedia experience -- try to see as much as you can in one go. If you do, the story will slowly start to emerge".