25 gennaio 2013

Esce per Arcana La biografia italiana dei Van der Graaf Generator, ricostruita tra ricordi, testimonianze e materiali d'archivio da Paolo Carnelli. Notizia lieta per gli estimatori, che però in questi giorni soprattutto piangono la scomparsa di Nic Potter (1951-2013), bassista del gruppo nel breve arco temporale tra The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other e H To He, Who Am The Only One, poi più volte al fianco dei vecchi compagni nei decenni successivi. Lo ricordano sul Guardian la sorella, la regista Sally Potter, e sul web Phil Smart e l'amico Guy Evans, che in suo omaggio offre un brano inedito, Unfazed.

"Nic had been ill for some time but was admitted to UCH with pneumonia in early January. Following a second, more severe chest infection, he died in the later hours of 16th January 2013 aged 61. Nic had suffered from Pick's disease which is mentioned in his sister Sally's obituary in The Guardian. Nic had a beautiful and touching send off on Friday 25th January 2013 in London surrounded by family and friends. It was a fitting musical service with some of his own tracks and also a performance of part of Bach's Goldberg Variations played on the chapel organ by Hugh Banton. Friends and family delivered their personal tributes. Bon Voyage Nic."