22 gennaio 2013

Un'anonima chitarrina comprata su internet per cento dollari ha fatto il giro di mezzo mondo capitando in braccio a oltre sessanta chitarristi, tra cui Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser, Elliott Sharp, Rhys Chatham, Keith Rowe, Thomas Dimuzio, Mike Keneally, Bill Sharp, Ron Anderson, Amy Denio, Marco Cappelli e Nels Cline. Dopo due anni è tornata ai suoi due proprietari, Nick Didkovsky e Chuck O'Meara (Forever Einstein). Segnata per sempre dall'esperienza, graffiata e... griffata! Gli esiti del viaggio sono riassunti in un doppio cd per l'etichetta Bridge Records, The $100 Guitar Project. Ne parla anche stasera Didkovsky per Guitarkadia, poi tutta la storia è in www.100dollarguitar.com

In October of 2010, guitarists Nick Didkovsky and Chuck O'Meara bought a used $100 electric guitar on-line. They didn't know what it sounded like or if it even worked, but were charmed by its no-name vibe. After receiving the instrument, they contacted a few friends about writing and recording a piece on the guitar. Word spread quickly, and within weeks, the $100 Guitar Project was born. Over two years, sixty-five guitarists wrote and recorded a piece on the instrument, each passing the guitar on to the next player (the guitar traveled all over the USA, including Hawaii, and to western Europe as well). Stylistically, the players come from every corner of the guitar-playing world: classical to blues; jazz to country; rock to experimental. Donating their services to a good cause, a royalty on every sale of the $100 Guitar Project will be paid to CARE, a leading organization fighting global poverty.