13 febbraio 2013

Del bell'album di Richard Thompson ora in circolazione, Electric, prodotto a Nashville da Buddy Miller, esistono anche una versione deluxe - con un secondo cd composto in gran parte di materiali provenienti dalle stesse session dell'edizione ufficiale - e una tiratura limitata in doppio vinile: http://www.richardthompson-music.com/catch_of_the_day.asp?id=1644

After taking the bold step of recording his last album of new songs live, when it came to recording "Electric", Thompson turned to Buddy Miller to produce, recording at Miller's home studio in Nashville, TN. Miller who himself is renowned for his guitar skills recently told Rolling Stone: "I played along on the record, playing rhythm guitar for him, and I got a two-week guitar lesson while he camped out in my house." The record was recorded as an electric trio with Thompson, drummer Michael Jerome and bassist Taras Prodaniuk, who both sing background vocals. Jerome and Prodaniuk formed part of the band which recorded and toured the UK Top Twenty album Dream Attic, released in August 2010. Richard Thompson himself commented that: "We did it ridiculously quickly. It was just stupid. But it sounds great. It turned out surprisingly funky, sort of a new genre - folk-funk. It's quite snappy, somewhere between Judy Collins and Bootsy Collins."