19 febbraio 2013

Elliott Sharp ricorda Butch Morris nella sua agenda di riflessioni online Ir/Rational Music: http://zoarmusic.tumblr.com/post/42820519357/feb-11-butch-morris-alive

"Butch Morris was a brilliant musical thinker who created Conduction, a system for spontaneous musical composition. More importantly, using Conduction, Butch composed beautiful, visceral, and expansive music in real-time. To hear or perform Butch’s music was a transformative experience - the ears and heart were opened. Conduction began as a thought process about music-making but then became the music. Butch didn’t just theorize and analyze but acted firmly in the belief that his ideas could positively affect our lives through sound. Conduction is a set of tools that will be recognized as a milestone in the pantheon of systems for organizing improvisations into a coherent architecture. I can’t say that Butch originated the concept of the conducted improvisation as there have been numerous attempts over the years to develop methods for organizing compositions from the extemporizations of players. What sets Butch and his system apart is not only the detailed codifying of the techniques but his own refined use of them - the result of his unique ears and intelligence."

Di Morris ha scritto subito dopo la scomparsa anche Larry Ochs, in una delle periodiche comunicazioni Rova News, sottolineandone soprattutto la personale voce come strumentista, e indirizzando invece a un filmato del 2007 quanti interessati ad approfondire gli aspetti metodologici e pratici delle sue Conduction: http://radiom.org/detail.php?omid=IMP.2007.02.05

"Butch Morris’ place in the history of music will be decided by others. But let me testify right here that his trumpet sound was one of those singular voices that you don’t forget after hearing it. And the thing was: he meant every note. He played in “avant garde jazz” contexts most of the time, but like Wadada Leo Smith, he played the blues. It poured out of him".

E in ricordo di Morris ha scrtto anche Vipal Monga, autore del documentario Black February dedicato a una straordinaria serie di esecuzioni condotte a New York nel 2005: http://blackfeb.com/2013/01/31/the-death-of-butch-morris-and-his-improvised-life