27 febbraio 2013

C'è una nuova pubblicazione in vinile per Otoroku, settore di documentazione audio e video del londinese Cafe Oto: Spontaneous Combustion, un estratto del concerto del trio Decoy - Alexander Hawkins, John Edwards e Steve Noble - tenuto il 29 ottobre 2011 con ospite Joe McPhee.

We're thrilled to announce the next release available from OTOroku! Recorded in October 2011 - 'Spontaneous Combustion' splits the second set of the first night of Decoy's two day residency with special guest Joe McPhee across two sides of heavyweight virgin vinyl with two colour artwork by Oliver Pitt.

"This sounds like a truly special performance; exciting, reflective, full of action and incident; there is far too much going on to take in at one listen. Perhaps this is the benefit of the live recording, what is lost in not being there is regained in an ability to listen repeatedly, going back to moments you may have missed in the general stunned impression of the whole thing."