28 febbraio 2013

Le attività di Kukuruku - associazione musicale greca con sede a Londra, impegnata a promuovere eventi e concerti di musica improvvisata, free folk, poesia e arti sonore - si estendono da qualche tempo anche alla documentazione audio e video di alcune iniziative, con una produzione in proprio di cdr e dischi in vinile a tiratura limitata: attualmente in catalogo si trovano titoli di John Butcher, Mike Cooper, London Improvisers Orchestra, John Higgs e varie performance del titolare dell'etichetta, Tasos Stamou.

Kukuruku is primarily concerned in presenting independent works of sonic/ music exploration and it focuses on productions made under intimate or ‘personal’ circumstances (usually meaning home, live or field recordings). It stands between free improvisation and free folk, field recordings and sound poetry, electroacoustic composition and sound installations; but most of all it traces recordings that possess a spontaneous and ephemeral essence, much like in the way of testimony snapshot photography. Its editions also function as a platform for creative artwork made by the musicians them selfs or in collaboration with the kukuruku team. Kukuruku started as a small cd-r label operating from Athens, Greece curated by the sound artist Tasos Stamou and currently based in London. During the past few years of its operation it has presented works of various emerging avant-garde musicians through its editions and organized events, also increasingly gaining the attention of rather established creators in the field of exploratory music, who have joined the team with enthusiasm. It has eventually expanded its editions into broader fields of sonic interest and new music formats.