17 febbraio 2013

Peter Brötzmann si racconta al filosofo Christoph J. Bauer in una serie di conversazioni annotate nel testo Gespräche (Posth Verlag, 2012): "Peter Brötzmann gilt als einer der wichtigsten Neuerer des Jazz und der improvisierten Musik. Im Gespräch mit dem Bochumer Philosophen und Publizisten Christoph J. Bauer gibt Brötzmann Auskunft über die Entstehung des Free-Jazz, die sozialen und politischen Voraussetzungen der improvisierten Musik sowie ihr Verhältnis zur Fluxus-Bewegung der sechziger Jahre, die Beziehungen europäischer Improvisatoren zu Musikern in den USA und Asien und sein Verhältnis zu Drogenkonsum und Sexualität."

These conversations really fill out a lot of blanks, if you want to know about the thoughts, the work and artistic life of Peter Brötzmann. We still need the big, comprehensive and analytical biography about mr. Brötzmanns struggle and achievements. But this volume brings us a lot closer to that goal. Together with the two recent movies, these verbal exchanges tell us a lot about him. He's a guy who always puts artistic considerations first. He doesn't compromise or settle for mediocracy. In other words a real cultural hero! Nobody has played with such a wide spectrum of players from all over the globe, and nobody has produced such an overwhelming body of work of such consistent quality as he. Always on the edge, always looking for creativity and for keeping things alive. The text is honest and intelligent and vastly expands the knowledge about the experiences, troubles and reflections of this musical giant. A most stimulating read!